When to pause, when to push & when to move on

IMG_1277Maybe you’re like me and have a looooong list of ideas, goals, and projects on your plate. You feel pulled in many directions and are not sure if you have the bandwidth for all of them at the same time.

I get it.

Perhaps you’re ready for something new, like a career change.

You could be considering coaching, mentoring, or working for yourself, and are not sure where to get started. OR know if it’s time to have a heart-to-heart and admit to yourself that that it’s time to let that go, move on, and create something else for yourself.

This is all good news, even great news, because you are in the best place to make a big-life-purpose-sort of decision.

Deep down inside your SOUL you want to really know if what you’re focusing on or dreaming about is the direction you really should go in. You’ve done the work, even turned to your trusty sources like friends, astrology, tarot cards, even the akashic records for advice, and are still not sure what to do.

You’re not sure if it’s time to pause, push or move on.

The uncertainty of if it’s the right direction has you going back and forth, maybe even for years, finding yourself in a strange inner space that you’re not quite sure what to do with. Talk about not being comfortable, happy, or feeling like yourself!

What you are really, really, really craving is ALIGNMENT. Click to tweet…  

Alignment of your mind, body, and feelings – leaving any conflict to the side so you can move forward in your chosen direction with a capital C – Confidence.

Sweet Soul, I hear you, feel you, and totally get you because I’ve been there too…

And it was not that long ago when I had a big shift in my life + in my business.

After I had my son Odin in 2014, everything changed for me (check out a previous post here and here to read more). It became beautifully challenging. I needed space so I could have my own heart-to-heart talk with myself to see what would be the next best space to be in.

Did I need to PAUSE, PUSH or MOVE ON?

Before having him I was another person and after having him I thought it would be back to business as usual, but that was not going to happen for obvious reasons. Before having him, I was in tune with my mind, body and purpose as a coach and coach trainer. It was a great year for me in all areas of my life.

I felt unstoppable.

During that year I started offering business coaching with my clients. I had some business deep dives and was testing out other ideas to see if I was even interested in offering it, was able to deliver and clients would get results. I allowed myself to have R&D time to take off some of the pressure.

The good part was I was loving it, clients were getting results, and I did not have to put it out into the world. I had to do a reality check to see what my bandwidth was now that I was working part-time.

This was my time to PAUSE not PUSH.

Even though the sessions I was doing were great, I knew it was not time to push. I needed time to feel into my new space as a mompreneur. I set myself up to have space by having a note on my site that I was not taking on a lot of clients, along with there were new business offerings coming soon.

Like almost 2 years later soon… LOL

I also paused on updating my testimonials page to be a praise page. It was time for me to go inward, listen, and become even better at being me and at my craft.

There were moments I would ask myself, is it time to move on after launching my coach training program, The Art of Becoming a Coach? I did consider moving on and this being the last year I coach so I can focus on being a mom.

When I sat with this it did not feel right. My body of work is always expanding, shifting, and I made a commitment to do my ART. Taking away my self expression, my view on the business of coaching, was not the way. So I launched my podcast, The Art of Business for Coaches.

This, too, was something I had on pause.

Then it came time to not PAUSE and to PUSH.

Pushing in life is not about force. It’s like pushing a baby out – it will get rid of the pain and bring new life. Click to tweet…

I’m happy I jumped in, didn’t have to get it “right” or perfect. I committed and did it. Now it’s been wonderful. What helped me to move forward was using this filter question:

Will this help me move forward with ease so I’m no longer in the dark?

It was totally clear it would. It’s easier for me to create a few episodes at a time and I LOVE using this medium. Knowing to push is powerful because it’s not about force.

It’s about letting time to grow, like a baby in the womb, then the day comes to birth the baby and pushing helps to get rid of the pain and bring the new life. The struggle is more about the inner critic that gives you every reason not to do it.

With giving myself time to PAUSE, I had time to be ready, more than ready, so the push was fun and freeing.

Then it became time to MOVE ON.

I moved on from doing a re-brand for HR.com right now. I shelfed it.

I did push at the suggestion of my web goddess on a facelift for The Breakthrough to Coaching Experience. But put the stops on having to change the look of everything for The Art of Becoming a Coach.

When I had my own heart-to-heart, I knew it would take time, money, and energy that I was not prepared for. Again my bandwidth comes into my decision making all the time. It did not fit in with my filter question, so I was able to move on for now and give myself the much required space to do it next year.

It was clear that a rebrand would be more of a distraction and not really benefit myself or my business right now.

Right now it’s been time to PUSH.

Push in a big, powerful, confident way.

This came with the power of the pause, reflection, and doing the work.

I’ve pushed out a new praise page, new offerings and ways to work with me, like my Business Brilliance Deep Dives and a new shop page where you can tap into some of my best work for coaches….

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Sweet Soul, if you are feeling this process will help you, then tune in to see where you need to pause, push or move on. I have a new episode that dives more into this, be sure to check it out on The Art of Business for Coaches Podcast.

Love yourself and know there is absolutely no failure. We all change our minds and it’s better to know now if you’re moving on for now or forever.
Your Angel of Fire,





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