Episode #12: Helping Clients with FEAR

The other day I received an email from a client saying, “I hired a coach so I would get over fear.”

As a coach, this is one of the biggest things you are helping people get over, no matter what topic you are coaching about.

First, look at how you handle fear. What your relationship with fear is. What is your belief around fear? If you haven’t sat down to ask yourself this, please do.

When doing discovery calls or clarity sessions, fear may come up for you and for them. Interesting right?

What I find helps is when a client is resisting to ask, “Are you afraid?” Usually there is a YES.

A tool I use is asking them to close their eyes to ask how old they are. What memory comes up that is connected to this fear? Then you have an in…

When I was working with my client, the fear was rejection. Then we were able to look at how she is rejecting herself as a coach and not putting herself out there. So it was not a general fear, it was pinpointed.

From there, I could give her a challenge or assignment to put herself out there every day. And shared with her a great resource Jia Jang, a speaker from World Domination Summit.

What was mentioned in this episode: 

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