Episode #14: Do You Have to Have It All Figured Out?

When talking with one of the students in my coach training program, The Art of Becoming A Coach (TAOBC), she said, “But, I don’t have it all figured out.” Of course not! No ones does and when we do, guess what happens?

In this bite-sized episode, I go in depth about this way of thinking and how it can be bringing you down, instead of seeing it as a positive. We make so many excuses to stop ourselves from being ok with where we are at.
Listen in so you can be aware if you’ve said this or thought it, and know what to do when you are in this place…

What was mentioned in this episode: 

The Art of Becoming A Coach
My Free 2-Part Coach Training Series
The Art of Business for Coaches Episode #13: What Gets in the Way of Most Coaches’ Success

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