Episode #15: When to Pause, When to Push & When to Move On in Business

Maybe you’re not sure if it’s time to pause, push or move on in your coaching journey and in your business.

Perhaps things are not working as well as you wished, or the uncertainty of if it’s the right direction has you going back and forth, maybe even for years, finding yourself in a strange inner space that you’re not quite sure what to do with. Talk about not being comfortable, happy, or feeling like yourself.

What you are really, really, really craving is ALIGNMENT.

Alignment of your mind, body, and feelings – leaving any conflict to the side so you can move forward in your chosen direction with a capital C – Confidence.

Sweet Soul, I hear you, feel you, and totally get you because I’ve been there too…

And it was not that long ago when I had a big shift in my life + in my business.

After I had my son Odin in 2014, everything changed for me (check out my blog post here and here to read more). It became beautifully challenging. I needed space so I could have my own heart-to-heart talk with myself to see what would be the next best space to be in.

Did I need to PAUSE, PUSH or MOVE ON?

In this episode I’m talking all about how to navigate as a coach in your business so you know when to pause, when to push & when to move on.

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