Episode #16: What are You Responsible for as a Coach?

We are all human and when it comes to being a coach, it brings up so many things. It’s easy to point the finger and not want to have to take all of the responsibility. This is a good thing and can also be challenging.

We signed up for growth when we signed up to be a coach.

Like many of us, one of my clients who is super smart and a great coach tends to put tons of pressure on herself. She feels she has to drive the sessions instead of her clients, and I have a feeling she’s not alone.

If you’re feeling this way, this episode is for you.

I’m answering the question, Who is supposed to be driving each session?

And giving you lots of options so you can feel confident and make your sessions flow, with ease.

If I was to sum it up…

You are not doing the work, per say, you are collaborating in a coaching relationship.

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