Episode #18: Do You Have to be a Business Coach to Make Money as a Coach?

Recently, one of my clients said, “I have this voice in my head telling me that the only way to make money as a coach is being a business coach.”

The big secret is… All coaching is life coaching.

Why you don’t have to be biz coach…  

It’s about knowing what results you can deliver.

I started out helping women who were at a crossroads not necessarily looking to build a business, but needing support in other areas of their life – from a dating coach, sleep coach, breastfeeding coach, performance coach, corporate coaching, speaking coach, life coach…

To me the inner game is most important, especially if someone comes to me for business and has not done the inner work. I won’t work with them on business unless they do the inner work.

So look at what transformations you can confidently help them with and start looking to see what people are looking for help with, other than business coaching.

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