Episode #2: Define Your Philosophy

This is where we begin. Knowing who you are, what you believe in, why you believe in this and what you take a stand for is your foundation for your business. Why do you do what you do, how you feel, what you believe, is infused into every aspect of what you do and is what will help you stand out, too!

Doing this work, digging deep and identifying your core beliefs will open up a treasure chest of insight to build your business.

Remember, this will evolve as you evolve over time, too! Enjoy the show and know this is part of your foundation as a coach.

What was mentioned in this episode: 

Build Your Foundation as a Coach: Define Your Philosophy (Part 2 of 5 The Art of Business for Coaches Blog Series)
Marianne Williamson
Tony Robbins
Millionaire Mind
Gay Hendricks

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