Episode #25: How to Create Offers & Services

So, you’ve been on the path, practice coaching, doing interviews, and maybe even getting paid to coach – and now are wondering how to create your offers and services.

Before I get into it, I’d like to say it helps to have done R&D work so you can find out exactly what your ideal client is looking for next. Creating in a vacuum can feel great because you have ideas and then when you put it out there, no one is interested.

So, I’d love to share some ways to help you create offers and services for your clients to get the results they are seeking. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

Look around at what you invest in and that will give you some idea of what makes sense to create – create what you consume.

When I was first starting out, a friend and fellow coach sat down with me to help me create my offers. She helped me to get clear about what I provide that is unique to me. She also asked me what I feel is the best container for my client to have the transformation they are seeking.

What I got out of it was what any offer or service is… an EXPERIENCE.

If you’re looking to create a program and are not sure how to create the content then check out my Beta to Brilliant Workshop.

Or, if you’d like to have help with this, then let’s jam to create your offers and services that will make your clients say, I have to have that. Grab a Business Brilliance Session today! (Psst…when you book this 1:1, 75-minute session, you also get access to ALL the coaching products and workshops from my online shop!)

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