Episode #26: Different Approaches to Coaching Clients

When it comes to coaching styles, there are as many ways to coach people as there are people on this planet. To me it’s about being holistic and looking at the whole person.

As coaches we ask questions, and at times, our clients will ask for our advice. There is a lot out there that says no to giving advice. The best way to do this is through using stories and what you did. You can say if I was in your position…

I had a coach who said this is not a good idea based on his knowledge of people and how they do things.

What I have found is expected from the client is to be given things to do. So you can give them practices, homework, and assignments that focus on their goal as well as their transformation.

There are many way to coach as I mentioned, so I jam about it in this episode to give you an overview to see what feels good for you.

What also helps is having a theme that supports them through the work they do.

At the end of the episode I ask a very powerful question which is important to know.

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