Episode #3: Time to Get Down and Dirty for Some R&D (Research & Design)

This is my favorite part and you can go very deep. Most people skip this part and right before they get to their big idea, there are steps along the way and they may miss it. This is where you get under, behind and inside and observe, ask questions, listen – be curious.

The more you hang out here and become the detective, the easier it becomes. The secret in this stage is to follow the breadcrumbs. What you’re seeking is usually easy for you and hard for others.

You find out who it is you are here to help, what people are seeking, the value you provide, what makes you the right person and even ideas of what kind of services to offer. If you dig deep enough, listen for patterns and take good notes, you’ll even get great copy and know how to attract your tribe.

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Time to Get Down and Dirty with Research & Design (Part 3 of 5 The Art of Business for Coaches Blog Series)

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