Episode #30: Getting Paid to Coach: How Much to Charge for Your Services?

This episode is inspired by a question inside The Art of Coaching Facebook group.

Q: Is $125 a fair rate for starting out? Do I make a firm time limit on it – 60 minutes? How many sessions do you require for someone starting out with you?

Great question(s), right? Can you see the mindset in the question? In this episode, I go deep and talk about this in great detail along with ways to get paid and how to set yourself up for success.

It’s good to check in to see – How do you feel about sales? Selling? Being sold to?

What I charged when starting out was influenced by my yoga fees. It was something I was comfortable with and saying the numbers aloud helps. It will bring up stuff.

There is a number you are comfortable with, there is one you’re not. When one person pays it, that is the breakthrough. You will have to do that again and again.

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