Episode #31: How to Find Your Zone of Genius as a Coach

I know you scroll through Instagram and your Facebook feed looking at those who inspire you, who are living an “amazing” life, and have found their zone of genius. It’s because they found it that you are inspired by them.

This is the GOOD part about social media.

But then you wake up and look in the mirror wondering when you’ll find YOUR zone of genius. You wonder when it will show up so you can be like the big names out there.

Right now you may be taking steps only to feel overwhelmed with all that you can do, not sure what you’re real gifts are as a COACH. In some ways it’s become an addiction with program after program, book after book, consuming information.

What I see all the time is most women have no idea that their blocks, life experience, and even failures are what will lead them to their zone of genius… and what they think (key word is think) they need to do to figure it out tends to bring them deeper into the struggle of not knowing their true purpose.  

In this episode I’m giving you simple steps and resources to find YOUR zone of genius.

What I found is that MY zone of genius is helping others find THEIR zone of genius.

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