Episode #32: What Your Real Purpose is as a Coach

I keep reading, hearing and talking about this topic with my clients. They are new coaches, seasoned coaches and some haven’t started coaching yet.

I’m going to give it to you straight, with LOVE, of course.

Your REAL PURPOSE as a coach is not about who you help.

It’s not your niche. It’s not your customer avatar. It’s not anything techy.

Once you know what your real PURPOSE is as a coach, everything can fall into place. I’m not saying there isn’t work to do. I’m saying what you do and why you do it will be even more clear.

In this episode, I’m asking you 3 questions to help you find your real purpose, which will make it easy and enjoyable to create a solid foundation to build your coaching business on.

When you are done listening and doing the exercise, come on over to our private Facebook group, The Art of Coaching and share your answers – tag me so I can comment and connect with you.  

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