Episode #33 with Megan Flatt: How to use Your Unique Strengths as a Business Building Strategy

We all put pressure on ourselves and get it from those around us. One reason this happens is because we think, or are told, that being well rounded is what we “should” be until we realize it actually adds more stress when it comes to our career.

This basically gets us stuck in perfection and comparing ourselves to those around us, which in turn only holds us back.

I know this because I struggled with this. When I decided to find out what I’m really good at, aka my unique strengths, I began to find my groove as a coach. I wasn’t able to waste time feeling like a fraud because it was clear what I can really deliver.  

One belief that gets many coaches stuck is that they have to be good at everything. They play into this idea, and when they get out there coaching, they hit a wall and end up feeling like a fraud because they are missing this part – to play to their strengths.

No need to be everything to everybody which is why I sat down with a Business Coach + Strategist who runs her business like a mother, Megan Flatt. She also comes from the yoga world and joined me to jam about this topic.

There is so much in this episode, so get ready to take notes and take away the stress of having to do it all to become a successful coach.

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