Episode #34 with Veronica Grant: How to Handle Competition in Your Market

It’s no secret there’s plenty of competition out there in the coaching market. So much that it may even scare you to become a coach or keep coaching. Coaching has become more “normal” and mainstream, which is a GOOD THING.

The game changes when you know your niche so you can get CURIOUS and look at what your competition is saying and doing.

When you get clear about the conversation you’re part of and what it is people come to you as a resource for, then your competition becomes your secret weapon.

Today there are many more coach trainings, life coaches, relationship coaches, business coaches, parenting coaches, health coaches, etc., and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon.

Instead of complaining that the market is saturated, how about learning to leverage it?

In this episode, I asked my friend and dating + life coach, Veronica Grant, to jam on this topic because she totally uses her competition as fuel to rocket her coaching business to the next level.

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