Episode #35: The Real Deal About Sales (and how to see it as a spiritual practice)

You’re a coach or are on your path to become one – how exciting is that? The thing is to have a business you must have sales (otherwise it’s just a hobby). I’m grateful because I’ve worked in sales my entire life and was able to make it part of my spiritual practice.

See, something I hear all the time is how most coaches say that they have money issues and have to work on that, but…

I don’t believe it entirely. As much as there may be some upgrades needed in the money mindset arena, what I believe is that sales is what is scarier for them than money. This means you are putting yourself in a vulnerable place, asking to be paid for your work.

And asking to get paid brings up all kinds of issues.

The big fear here is… wait for it…  #rejection

When I first started out, I was called a car salesman. It hurt because I really wanted to help people (and I have a feeling you do too!). I got more NO’s than YES’s. There’s a lot that got in my way and I’m sharing all of this in this week’s episode on The Art of Business for Coaches.  

If you’re in this for the long haul then give yourself permission to change how you look at sales. It may gross you out, it may turn you off, it may even scare you.

I’m here to help!

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