Episode #36: How to Manage When Life Gets Demanding and it Takes More Time to Meet Your Goals

Most of us get thrown off when things don’t go our way. As coaches we may even feel more pressure to get things “perfect”. This is one of the big mistakes coaches make when starting out. It really has to stop.

I had a great question in the private Facebook Group for my program, The Art of Becoming A Coach, that inspired me to talk about this topic…

“I notice that it feels a bit like failure when I miss the things on my list for the day or week or even year. I do have the awareness that this is perfectionism. How do you coach yourself through moving Monday’s item to Friday or further out into the future? I am also noticing some resistance to putting dates on action steps because so much changes…”

This is a GREAT question.

At the beginning of starting a business it’s easy to get snagged by things not moving as we wish they did. This is good.

In this episode I share 3 reasons it’s helpful when things slow down, and some ways I coach myself when things don’t go my way or I have to move things around because life happens.

I get how it feels when you schedule to do something and then the unexpected happens – it can be a total drag and even stop you from moving forward.

Life happens and we either are taken by it or we find another way to move through it by giving ourselves permission to be where we are at.

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