Episode #37 with Jen Mazer: How to Leverage Your Unique Gifts and Life Experience into a Coaching Practice

Most coaches, or those on the path to coach, tend to think they have to do things the way others do to be successful. I can say from my own experience and working with clients, this gets you nowhere and only increases those feelings of being a fraud or imposter.

The secret to standing out and making it as a coach is when you can leverage your unique gifts and life experience into a coaching practice.

What this means is don’t try to be good at everything, and instead, zone in on what you do BEST.

Most of the time we cannot see this ourselves, which is why I sat down with transformational speaker and coach, Jen Mazer, also known as The Queen of Manifestation.

In this episode, we jam about ways to leverage your unique gifts and life experience into a coaching practice that are fun and make it easier for you to see how awesome you are – and how you can bring all of YOU into your coaching practice.


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