Episode #39 with Bri Seeley: Why You Must Know What You Believe in as a Coach (And How this Helps with Attracting Clients)

It’s no secret that the coaching industry is expanding and there are more coaches than ever before. Something I see a lot, is new coaches come into the industry and they tend to mimic the leaders they’ve been following. They play off the passion of those they admire, and sometimes even use the words of others.

If you don’t know what is it you believe in or take a stand for when it comes to money, relationships, faith, health, or any area you are drawn to coach on, then it will only be more challenging to attract those who are meant to work with you.

As my guest, Bri Seeley, asks, “Have you ever met a leader who didn’t take a stand for what they believe in?” NO, because this is how they lead.

We talk about the use of coach jargon, the word coach, and why it’s important to define what words mean to you.

We give you some actionable steps you can take so you can get clear on what you believe in and dig into how this can help you stand out to attract the right clients for you.

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