Episode #4: Falling in Love With Practice, Samplers & Beta Testing

This is where you get to see what works, what doesn’t and figure it out as you build it. This is also one of my favorite steps because you begin to get feedback from those you help and from yourself if what you are doing feels good for you.

You get to figure it out and not have to feel like an imposter. You get to collect testimonials and see where your genius is, you can let go of guessing what people want and give it to them. This can happen over 6 months so you can have plenty of time to go back to your R&D to see what it is you’re going to bring into the world.

Think about all the things you buy and how many of them you get to try on, sample or test before you invest – I’m guessing it’s most of what you spend your money on.

What was mentioned in this episode: 

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