Episode #42 with Joanna Lindenbaum: How to create better results with your clients



When it comes to coaching what I see often are that many new coaches focus on the business more the art or craft of coaching. To me this is putting the cart before the horse and will only get you in trouble. Yes you deserve to get paid as a coach.

…But do you deserve to get paid if you’re not sure if you can really help people or not sure if what you’re promising is something you can deliver? Clients are seeking results heck we all are right?

This is why for this new episode I brought on my friend and master coach trainer Joanna Lindenbaum to jam with me about the craft of coaching where we share how you can create better results with your clients.

Before we get to the episode I’d love to share a valuable resource Joanne curated with 21 expert coaches you are going to LOVE and I’m honored to say I’ve shared some of my best strategies too.

Get her guide on how to help clients with overcoming the fear barrier here so you can help yourself and your clients.


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