Episode #45 : A Chapter Closes… and it’s not about what’s next



OMG! It’s real… I’m sharing my heart today with a bit of sadness and a bit of relief. At first I was really scared to share because of my fear of what you’d think about me. As a coach, coach trainer I felt I wasn’t able to ever stop. I know it may sound odd but it’s true.

After I had my son I’ve never really stopped.

I took a couple months off then jumped back into my work without asking myself if this still keeps me happy. All sorts of things happened. There were lots of signs and I had to go through my process. I hired coaches, did a program that gave me new energy and still something was not right.

So today, I’m announcing that I’m taking a hiatus, a pause so I can explore what’s next for me. I thought I’d have a new idea and I don’t. I have lots of ideas for all sorts of things to do with my life, my work and as I like to call it my art.

Listen here to get the full story about what happened and how I got to the place to actually say I’m done.

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