Episode #5: Stand Out With the Story You’re Telling & Attract Your Ideal Clients

This is where you get to share a bit of yourself, your philosophy and what you stand for. To me this is part of the Art of Getting Your First Clients because you’re being you. Once you know your timeline, your story and how relatable you are as a coach then you will begin to see how it’s easier than you think to get your first clients.

We connect through stories, think in pictures of stories and relate as humans through storytelling. Knowing this means you will discover your brand and the foundation to your marketing, another way to tell your story and the story of your tribe. When you meet someone in person they ask you what you do because they want to hear a story.Did you know one of the most visited pages on a website is your about page?

What makes you stand out is your story, what you’ve overcome, experienced and how you live your life. When you share a bit of your life with people creatively you begin to attract your people organically.

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My About Page
How to Stand Out With the Story You’re Telling & Attract Your Ideal Clients

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