Episode #7: The Real Deal About Certification, Training & Coaching

There is a lot of talk about coaching certifications, training, and what this whole coaching thing is about. The business of coaching is booming, and many people are interested and feel they need to get certified to be taken seriously. I get it and will say it’s not true.

Clients are not looking for your certifications like jobs are not looking for your degrees.

They are both looking for results, experience, and what you can do for real, not in theory.

This conversation started in my Facebook group, The Art of Coaching, during my Breakthrough to Coaching Experience Challenge, and I felt it made sense to talk about it.

A few coaches who are not certified and certify people in their method or system are:
Martha Beck
Gina DeVee

Other coaches who get paid thousands of dollars who have not been certified are:
Rebecca T. Dickson
Hilary Rushford
Liz DiAlto
Erin Stutland

Certification is a business model, and to prove it, here is an entire federation created: IFC https://www.coachfederation.org/

I created a program that is not a certification program because, to me, this is not the only way…
The Art of Becoming a Coach


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