Episode #8: What to do When Clients Don’t Do the Work

In response to a recent survey I sent to my community, I was asked this question and felt it was a great topic to talk about. Many of my clients talk about this and I’ve had it happen to me as well, many times.

In this episode, I’m covering what to do when you’re having clients not doing the work. You may be surprised at why and also find some cool ways to manage when it does happen.

Instead of getting frustrated get curious.

Before pointing the finger towards your client, ask yourself how you deal with doing new things?

How do you deal with change?
Where do you shut down?
What happens when you avoid things or procrastinate.

How does resistance come up for you?

First, see if it’s them or you.

Is the way you’re working with them not a fit?
Are you meeting them where they are?
Have you been clear with delivering the assignments?
Is it too much?

What is their learning style?

Solution: Doing the work with your client in real time

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Strengths Finder Test

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