Before working with Hillary, I felt really scattered, not really sure which direction to head in.

During my work with Hillary, I realized there were breadcrumbs right under my nose, and I didn't even realize it. I've always been the go-to for relationship advice and online dating profiles, so it makes sense that eventually that came up, but I really wasn't expecting to walk away with the idea of dating and relationships.

I’m thrilled with the new direction in my business and have already had some amazing growth as a result of working with Hillary. Here’s some of what has happened in my business over the last year…

In January 2016, my list was just under 300, as of July 2016, I’m just over 1,000, and I’m growing at an average rate of 25 new subscribers a week when I’m not launching. I’ve taken 25 people through my group program so far.

I’ve run my Date Yourself Challenge 3 times with over 700 women completing the challenge so far. This fall, my goal is 1000 women in the challenge and 25 enrollments in my Dating Mindset Bootcamp.

I also created a podcast, and we just crossed 10k episode downloads.

In 2015 I made $17K. In 2016, I’m on track to hit between $45-50K, which was a goal I made when I started my business, to make what I made at my old day job. Next year, my goal is to hit $100k and it feels totally doable!

Writing it all out here puts it into perspective, because admittedly sometimes I worry about not having ‘more.’ But overall, since stepping into my role as a dating coach with Hillary’s support, I feel really confident, I feel like a boss and I’m more able every day to step into my strengths and personality in a public way, which is helping to build my brand.”

Veronica Grant

I decided to work with Hillary because I knew I needed a push and a different perspective on my business.

Hillary challenged me to get out of my head and launch a new beta program which was a huge success. The beta program filled quickly bringing in 12 new clients plus a new 1:1 client, and turned into a sustainable, repeatable offering for my business!

Amanda Cook

With one question, Hillary changed my life.

I was struggling with money, my career trajectory, and my comfort level with success. One phone call with Hillary shifted all that, when she asked me "What if it was easy? What would happen then?"

The question was so provocative that I began playing with it in every area of my life, and within days, my inspiration lit up, my practice exploded and my game plan for the future was suddenly brighter than the sun. I can't say enough about how good Hillary is at what she does - and I know whereof I speak.

The results of my work with her have been profound.

Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin

It was the beginning of a six-figure business coaching practice. But I wasn't done.

The Art of Becoming a Coach Training program with Hillary helped me lean into myself and figure out what I wanted, how I wanted to present it - how I wanted to help people. I learned it was okay to be a beginner and throw myself into something new. That it didn't have to be perfect.

After The Art of Becoming a Coach training program ended, I decided to work 1:1 with Hillary to dig at my perfectionist tendencies and self-sabotage and learn to embrace who I was.

The irony? I spent my entire career as a writing coach helping people write stories on their own terms, and later helping women build businesses the way they wanted them. Yet I was still hiding parts of myself.

Hillary helped me let it ALL go. Feel the fear, the frustration, anxiety, and pass through it. I learned to celebrate my mistakes as much as my triumphs - because they are MINE. I learned to stop taking my crap so seriously.

A powerful lesson not many get the privilege of experiencing.

I highly recommend TAOBC and Hillary's 1:1 work to anyone interested in being themselves and learning how to coach others. The combination changed my life.

Rebecca T. Dickson

Hillary made over her public image from yoga teacher to coach, that’s a huge transition.

Many people feel pigeonholed in what they are doing right now. People have this secret dream to transform to something new and she did it very quickly.

Marie Forleo

Hillary takes a fierce, firm stand and totally saw me...

Because of my work with Hillary my business has grown in leaps and bounds, and I'm fully bringing myself forward in this world. She helped me to see the absolute truth, possibility and commitment to make my vision for my business come true.

I met Hillary when my business was a baby. I shared with Hillary my dreams, what I wanted to create, and how I wanted to serve, and Hillary - in that way that is impossible to describe and yet so totally, 100% Hillary Rubin- completely saw me. She saw me, celebrated me and fiercely called me out to bring it on, and bring it forth. And that's exactly what has happened.

My life has completely transformed. I feel grateful beyond words for Hillary because her support, coaching and wisdom has been PIVOTAL in my success. She was that voice that was the most powerful fertilizer for me at the beginning stages of my business. If you’re blossoming you need to have someone to believe in you - Hillary is that person.

KC Baker

I didn’t need another group program.

After several months working on my own, I was stuck and needing some clarity and direction. I needed specific answers directly related to my yoga and coaching business. Hillary is a fountain of information and ideas.

She is a great coach because she helps you identify where you can be playing bigger, and work with you to outline the steps to get there. Through my work with Hillary, I got cut steps for for business. As an entrepreneur we do so much on our own and it's nice every now and then to have someone on the outside say, "I totally get it, and you're rocking this baby."

Shannon Caldwell

Hillary helped me to dig deep & peel back some layers.

In doing so I discovered the Coach in me and started my own coaching system the Yoga Code. The best thing about working with Hillary is when she tells it like it is. When my negative self-talk train is barreling ahead at warp speed she stops me in my tracks. She calls me on my "STUFF" - and I freaking love that. I NEED THAT.

I'm beginning to see that this is where I want to focus my energy. I'm PLANNING my days in order to direct my energy in the most effective and efficient way possible. I will take time for PLAY and FUN. I will CELEBRATE my successes and accomplishments. Seriously...Hillary is amazing...I learned SO MUCH from her.

Jackie Dumaine

My niche as a coach was defined.

I am focusing on this niche and I love it!! This is who I am and I am not confused! I enjoy myself MUCH MORE!

When I hired Hillary for my 1:1 Paradigm Shift Program I was very reactive. I was not listening to my inner voice, and wasn't present or grounded. I still had the conditioning of multitasking (this was from working as a chef), and doing so many things at the same time, being busy and not so productive.

I had to step back and go back to basics and dive deeper within myself. I learned how to take loving care of myself first, before I work on my business. The art of self-care that Hillary teaches is out of this world!!

During our time working together, I landed 3 new VIP clients for my 1:1 Deep Dish sessions, created different packages for my website, defined my offerings, helped my existing clients and started creating better content. I appreciated her constant check ins, being so completely supportive all the time, which is so generous and helped me get immediate results.

I now have a loving healthy relationship with my husband with great communication, 4 clients with my Creative Business startup Entrepreneur 7-week program. And during all of this I had an amazing wedding where I felt relaxed, connected, engaged, sexy, alive, present, and like a queen.

I am so happy to see what is my business and what is not, and release the need to control and fix everything - which for me was a huge powerful takeaway.

Her tools for grounding and being present, responsive, and intuitive are like gold to me and they are something I do every day to feel balanced, accepting and flowing at peace.

Vanessa Musi

Hillary has the ability to see people for who they are, and the potential they hold.

She has a level of clarity and forwardness that's hard to come by, and I know that it has helped me to evolve into the person and business owner I am today. I'm really grateful to have Hillary in my life. Thank you Hillary!

Nathalie Lussier

Amazing, amazing is all I can say.

Hillary was brilliant at helping me look through a different pair of lenses at what I have to offer my clients, what I do for them and how I can create easy ways of marketing. It was all right under my nose, Hillary has such a unique way of pulling things out into my awareness! I now have a system AND method that is clear and unique to me. She really does listen and read between the lines!

Colleen McCarthy

My business has taken a turn in a new direction and it is flowing beautifully - with EASE.

I was struggling - letting my intellect lead with constant analyzing, even though that's not what I wanted to be doing nor what I teach my students and clients. I wasn't trusting myself. I was highly critical of myself and I was too serious about everything.

Now, I am in the flow. I am lighter in spirit and smiling more often at life. I've been able to improve my ability for accepting what is and just flowing with it. I have created more white space in my life. I am not working 80% of the time now. I am honoring the process and allowing things to unfold - and unfolding they are!

My work with Hillary enabled me to have a greater balance of time, energy and focus between work, personal relationships and self care. I have more coaching clients and less therapy clients - something I’ve been wanting. And, I opened a new wellness center!

Hillary is robust, tenacious, and wildly creative. I enjoyed her willingness to share her flaws as well as her triumphs openly and honestly. And her laugh always makes me laugh!

Lynn Louise Wonders

I was uncertain about which direction to head in my career.

And I knew that I wanted to figure out what would make me happier. I also was really disconnected from how I was feeling when I did things (even fun things), and felt unmotivated. Hillary helped me learn how to focus on my feelings so that I could stay in the moment and enjoy what I was doing more.

While working with Hillary I made some changes. My home became more organized and my to-do list became more manageable. I learned how to make healthier choices for myself by focusing on how I felt by making them.

Now I feel more confident in the decisions I make for my business, and have been continually growing it and being more creative in services I can offer.

She also helped me learn how to tune into my intuition and trust it more so that I didn't overthink everything (like I was used to). I was able to make small shifts in my lifestyle, which led to bigger shifts later on, without me even noticing it.

The best thing about working with Hillary is: knowing that she had my back, even when I didn't have my own.

Nicole Liloia

My coaching business is now hitting its stride.

I decided to work with Hillary because: I knew that I needed to change my controlling tendencies and become more comfortable in my own skin to be a successful coach.

Working with Hillary has changed my life profoundly. I have shifted from a place of pushing, forcing and constantly striving - mostly at my own detriment. I have shifted into a place of groundedness, peace with myself, calmness, and I now allow more space in my own energy and allow others space in theirs.

As a result of these changes, I now communicate more effectively. I am less competitive and less reactive. I am comfortable validating myself, and I can let go of my controlling tendencies more easily. I have experienced significant shifts, growth and change in my relationships, personal and business life.

I have also let go of a number of relationships that I was chasing and pushing in, this has been a big win for me!

Sonya Lovell

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted, like I can see more clearly and have a better understanding of my truest and highest potential.

When I met Hillary I had a deep yearning to be able to express what it is that I love to do, but I didn't know how. I wasn't certain about how to message my brand, express what I love or what my plan was.

I felt like I was floating around, doing everything I was "supposed" to do, but not directing that energy into what I was "meant" to do and who I was meant to be. Hillary was like my midwife, helping me give birth to my business, my brand, what I do, who my target client was.

We sat down and got busy fast, we boogied right into what my messaging was, my tagline, my offerings, my programming, ALL OF IT... we even created a step-by-step big picture plan for the next year...creating a plan and direction with Hillary was like finding my soul mate: creative, fun, sensual and exciting, reviving a piece of me.

We raised the bar to a whole new level, a level that is uncomfortable but a level in which I have lots of room to grow and expand. Now I have big shoes to fill and am READY.

Hillary is the cross between a spiritual guide, an ass-kicker and a marketing genius, she blends those gifts, makes them hers but then in turn brings out the best in you too. Yes, there is still much work to be done, but the gift of possibility is priceless. Thank you Hillary for being such a beacon, your generosity, clarity and determination has helped open my eyes to all that I am and then some!

Molly Suggs

Hillary is amazing at seeing potential and the obvious answers that I didn’t recognize.

I had just completed B School and wanted to begin a journey towards creating a business as a life coach. Hillary helped me become clearer on who I am, where I was standing in my own way and how to move forward. I learned to examine the excuses, to trust myself and my abilities and to move forward even if in little incremental ways.

Since working with Hillary, I’ve made major decisions about my business and life. I would never have had the courage to do this before working with Hillary.

Susanne Wilson

I am making waves because of my work with Hillary.

I am now working as Life Coaching in addition to Acupuncture AND making money. In less than 8 months I have become profitable with my coaching practice and I feel so confident in my contribution to this field.

Hillary has taught me how to really love myself more fully and helped me get past the feelings of inadequacy which can often plague an overachiever. I feel so present in my life and fully participating.

I feel like I can take ownership over all the good I have in my life. I am super excited to have taken part in her program TAOBC while doing one on one coaching with Hillary because it has helped me make better choices around my business.

Kristin Misik

I had so many hesitations around hiring a coach…

Was it worth it? I'm a psychotherapist, what is a coach going to teach me about myself? Will she help me grow my business? Was I going to be able to afford it?

What surprised me was it was easier than I thought it would be to learn how to show up for myself and trust the process of allowing my life to unfold, in ease and releasing my need for perfection. Now, I am more accountable to myself and I've reclaimed my time.

I'm designing a lifestyle for myself and my family, instead of being controlled by time constraints. Family life is lighter and energized. Even my kids stress less. I've consolidated my practice into one new location (down from 3), and a dreamy new space at that!

I had a small but growing psychotherapy practice, a hectic schedule balancing a return to work after 5 years as a stay at home, then part time working mom. I was transitioning into developing my full time role, and shifting into the breadwinning role within my family.

I had to learn how to edit my agenda and create space and ease for the things that mattered to me most, my family. That meant growing my practice and learning to curate my lifestyle so that it serves me better.

I've since released projects that I'd lost interest in, created space to grow my practice, AND enjoy my family. My practice and life feel abundant. I would recommend Hillary because she's real, sees you and your potential.

Rebecca Wong

Miss Hillary is the real deal.

And by real deal, I mean she shows up exactly who she is (which is an amazingly smart, fiery, ambitious, real, vulnerable, interesting woman) and has a way of making me feel like it’s completely okay and necessary to be exactly who I am. She is incredibly intuitive. She knew things about me within minutes of meeting me that some people never see. It’s a true gift to be able to be seen like that.

Another unique and wonderful quality about Hillary is that she always holds me to my highest self. She wants to see me succeed and she wants to support me in getting there. She inspires me to no end.

Sally Hope

Hillary teaches you how to find your voice and develop a body of work.

She is a creative maverick who teaches new coaches how to master their craft while developing their own style of coaching.

Elizabeth Purvis

What surprised me was how fast everything came together

And how effective Hillary’s coaching tools and assignments are.

Hillary was my first coach. When I started working with her I was very unsure of myself. I was also second guessing myself and ignoring my gut.

I had all sorts of obligations that were not true to me and what I wanted to do. I sought validation from other people because I did not believe in myself.

Hillary helped me to be more confident in myself. She helped me to reconnect with my intuition and to start trusting my gut. I stopped second guessing myself and started putting myself first. I began to validate myself and stopped looking to get this from other people. She gave me the tools that helped me get past many of these barriers that I put against myself.

Every session I learned something new about myself. I felt like each session we dug deeper and deeper into many blocks that I had in my life that I did not even realize I had.

One of the most memorable things she pointed out to me was this guilt I had from when I was a child and how it affected the decisions I made in my adult life. It is mind blowing how some of the things that you repressed can really affect how you live your life.

I have begun many things since working with Hillary --- from starting my own blog, doing one-on-one coaching, creating a group coaching program at my job, and continuing to expand my services to be a motivational speaker.

The best thing about working with Hillary is she is knowledgeable, caring, and concise. She helped me tremendously to reach my goals.

Sarina Oden

Hillary helped accept and not resist my feelings and see a new the situation in a new way.

At a really tough moment in my life Hillary helped me look into myself to find the strength to be with my feelings that I had buried. I felt alone and hurt and was blaming a close family member for not trusting me. After working with her now I’m able to forgive myself and not take what others do personally.


Pat Romain

I was lost, confused, overwhelmed and lonely.

I had invested a LOT of money in business training but had not implemented any of it. Now, I have stopped buying things because I know that I am enough and I have enough. I am also earning money for the first time since I started self-employment and I have a plan in place to allow me to continue to earn money.

During my time with Hillary, I created a 21-day email program, and marketed and successfully filled all 8 spots at my first live Yoga Teacher Training. I finally asked for a proper corporate rate for my yoga sessions - and got it!

What delighted me was her generosity. She regularly gave me more time than I’d paid for on the calls, and she was always available on email (and contacted me often to check in with me between calls). I recommend working with Hillary because she constantly challenges you to be better than you thought you could be.

Victoria Cunningham-Downey

I’m starting to love ME again.

I got confidence in myself, by taking me to those places inside me that I would never have gone on my own, and dealing with what is there, and discovering how I really want to show up in this world.

Instead of waiting to launch something on my own, I’m into action with the resources I have available already at my job and it's big - corporate big. Expanding myself and my reach is a good way to think of it -- It feels so good to be in action and have that support behind me, I haven’t had that before and the momentum is building. I wouldn’t have gotten here so quickly without Hillary lighting the fire underneath me.

Life changes are BIG in our 12 weeks of working together in her Paradigm Shift Program. I feel better in my body, I feel more peace and less anxiety, I have a voice, I have clarity of thought and confidence.

I am now okay with letting go of behaviors of myself and other that aren’t serving me -- and big shifts are happening in my relationships and especially in me. I am opening up myself and my life to what is right for me and the universe is right there to supply it for me. I am stopping my "hurry up syndrome" and riding the flow of life - and it feels so much more safe and lovely.

Alyssa Summers

Hillary knows how to draw your authentic story out of you, and then get you sharing it with the world in a strategic and consistent way

that brings your ideal clients, opportunities and business relationships right to your doorstep. And as a bonus, in the process of refining your story and making it a true representation of who you are and what you have to offer, a TON of healing takes place. You’ll see.

Kris Ward

I'm working less and getting more done.

I'm feeling more creative and inspired. My relationship with my husband, which was already pretty awesome, is even better. I feel more in control, less overwhelmed, and less guilty. I'm practicing receiving, I'm having more fun, and being more present.

Instead of feeling frustrated, I'm able to honor the process of growth. It's awesome. My biggest surprise was working through some anger and guilt that I didn't realize was affecting me. Going through such a positive and powerful coaching experience has made me a better coach. Allowing myself to truly be supported was liberating and joyful.

I would recommend working with Hillary because It's not about how she coaches, it's about how she listens to your needs so she can give you that experience. The resources and suggestions she gave me helped me keep moving forward between sessions, and she is so accessible and generous. I would want my friends to work with her so they can experience rewarding breakthroughs and committed support like I had in my time with Hillary.

Stacy Spensley

I highly recommend "going deep into the dark and the light" with Hillary.

Hillary has made a huge impact on my life. Through her truth telling, I have been able to see parts of myself that I was unable to see on my own. It is through many of our heart-felt conversations and her coaching that I have broken through my glass ceiling with my business. Owning my worth and my value so I could launch in 10 cities. She is brutally honest for your highest good. Love this woman.

Tanya Paluso

You will see success quickly.

Something very unexpected happened when I committed to working with Hillary. I signed up to get motivation and assistance for my new business (that was really an extension of my current business). I was viewing them as these two separate entities and Hillary helped me shift my thinking so that I could see how important the success of my current business was for the success of launching my second.

Unexpectedly, my business took off and really flourished in about a month. This gave me more confidence to own my new venture, but to also truly be grateful for the success of my current venture. Hillary was great at changing my perspective from one of lack, to one of abundance. This shift was a small change in the way I was viewing things, but it paid off quickly and greatly! I have had a few coaches in the past. This was different from other coaches because I feel like greater success, challenges, and changes happened quickly (as opposed to slowly).

Anna Long

I had been seeking a career change for over 10 years.

I decided to work with Hillary because I was ready to make a change and I wanted someone who could help me dig deeper than I would on my own, call me on my shit, and acknowledge my true potential. I also wanted someone who understood the transition from corporate to coaching.

I had taken some small steps toward a new career by teaching yoga and coaching groups of women, all while continuing to work full-time in Corporate America. The corporate job felt heavy, and as the breadwinner in my family. I couldn't see how I could ever leave the security of the corporate world.

As a result of my work with Hillary, I now have a 4-day corporate work-week, a new coaching practice, and a soon-to-be released web site. Now, I am delegating more and having more fun with my coworkers too!

I think the biggest "aha" for me was learning to live my everyday life like I'm on vacation. Introducing more play, fun, and uncertainty gave me the break I needed from the self-imposed structure of my day-to-day life. It seems contradictory, but by relaxing more I actually get more accomplished!

The best thing about working with Hillary is she was always there and she showed me how to be there for myself so I can sustain the results I've gained.

Jill Barber

Hillary is incredibly generous and fiercely dedicated.

With laser beam intensity and utter respect, Hillary challenged me to drill down to the core of my business and see it in an expanded way. She guided me by asking really great questions and sharing experiences from her own life as a business woman and as a sister on the path. I walked away with total excitement and a bucketful of completely actionable tools!

Syndee Stein

I felt that she got me immediately and understood my gifts.

The Art of Becoming a Coach training program was so instrumental in me owning my gifts and launching my coaching practice. I learned so much about the spiritual, attitudinal and nitty gritty of the entire business. I did all of this by following the modules and participating in the Facebook group. What I didn't do, until now, is have a 1:1 coaching call with Hillary. All I can say is Wow! I am so blown away.

As a TAOBC alum, I feel like I've made great strides in developing my business and niche and feel proud of my growing client list as well as my soon to launch group program. My follow up one on one coaching with Hillary, though, totally took me by surprise and blew me out of the park.

She showed me how I could play much bigger now, not just in 3 years from now. Let me tell you, she is an idea machine. Not just random ideas. I mean highly personalized, made just for you ideas. I felt like I was shot out into a rocket.

But the crazy thing is, Every vision she painted felt totally aligned and in the realm of possibility. It was like we were in the same mind and heart, but I hadn't looked in those directions. So what changed for me? I'm still committed to my short term goals. What I have now, is a mental vision board for what will come next. Thank you Hillary!

Linda Ugelow

I don't worry that much about getting things wrong.

During the time we have worked together I decided to end my marriage, have gotten involved in a beautiful, profound and deep new relationship, sold my home at asking price (in cash) and went a beautiful 3 week vacation. I have gotten more disciplined about incorporating physical activity into my days and am taking better care of myself. I am clearer about my particular calling and feel the strength and confidence to pursue this (in a big way).

Hillary helped me to trust myself and create a container into which all of this could quickly and easily be born. Basically, I have a different life than the one I had 5 months ago. I would absolutely recommend working with Hillary because she is a loving, powerful bad-ass who helps support profound transformation.

Clelia Peters

I was scared, and I needed someone to confide in who would "just get it."

I decided to work with Hillary because a lot had changed in my life in a very short amount of time –– personally, professionally, and emotionally. I've worked with a lot of coaches before (personally and professionally), but I've gotta say I've never worked with someone as organized, practical, and inspiring as Hillary.

From our very first session it was evident that our time together was well-thought out. Since working with Hillary, I've really committed to loving myself and changing my thinking in a way I never have before.

One of the biggest things I learned from Hillary was to bring a sense of playfulness and lightheartedness to my life and I LOVED the personal meditation Hillary created for me based on our work together too!

Our work together was fun, applicable, and empowering.

Ashley Gwilliam

She was my anchor through some very tumultuous times.

The immediate increase in abundance that I saw, whether it was tangible (sales, recruits, etc) or not. I also saw a huge increase in my ability to cope, which is a skill I thought I had mastered. I gained greater control over my thoughts and mind, and began to truly live the examined life. I saw huge shifts in my focus and, therefore, my results.

I began recognizing patterns, framing actions and questions, and breaking free of those things holding me back. I slept better, felt clearer and more focused, gained coping mechanisms, and learned how to make my life work for me! I also was delighted with the simplicity of the tasks she gave. I don’t mean to say they were plain or not powerful, but rather that Hillary never gave me something I couldn’t handle…something that didn’t make sense.

She brought to light the necessary next step and led me to it, holding my hand when necessary and letting me fly when it was time. The steps/tasks were simultaneously profound and simple; powerful and doable. I’ve seen more shifts in my life in 12 weeks in her Paradigm Shift Program than I do in the average year.

Kait Scalisi

She helped me take ownership of what was happening in my life.

Hillary was able to help me address issues that have been holding me back throughout my life. I was able to get clarity around my career, business, and relationships and take the steps to get me started on a new path. Her coaching and the tools she gave me to support my transitions made the changes possible, and I still use them all the time. Hillary's 6 month 1:1 The Art of Being You Program delivers more than any other program I have tried. She is there every step of the way.

Janelle Anderson

Hillary was my first coach.

I knew my soul needed to be acknowledged and I needed support in finding my strengths.  After my first call with Hillary, I knew I made a life changing decision.  I needed to shift my perspective on many things in my life; emotionally and spiritually.  I also needed practical help in starting a yoga studio.  I received more than I ever would have imagined. Her passion and excitement is contagious.  I was surprised that she has simple techniques that profoundly adjust one's perspective on themselves and life.

Personally, I feel like a different person.  One main topic I wanted  to work with Hillary on was the idea of playfulness.  How my life lacked that.  I had no idea how much my life would change by working with her!  I will be forever grateful. The best thing about working with Hillary is she’s got your back the entire time.  You know she is there to support you.  I felt like I had a personal and business consultant wrapped in one.

Jen Demaio

I have never experienced working with a coach like her.

I was worried that all coaches in this field would be the same, kind of boring and giving the same supportive advice. Hillary did of course give great coaching but in a unique way. One experience that blew me away was when she had told me that my relationship with my husband was a total role reversal. I was acting as the man and he was acting as the woman b/c of our financial situation and it was emasculating him. I never thought of it that way. It opened my eyes to give him some decision-making control and let him be the "man" in our marriage.

What delighted me about Hillary was that she is so straight-forward and to the point. She tells it like it is and it is SO refreshing! With her guidance, I began a journey to self-discovery which I have continued to do. One of the results I got was when putting more fun into my life, it radiated and not only made me happy but others around me were more at ease. When you need help and self-discovery, you need to be told straight out what isn't working. She is the one to do that.

Jessica Crane

"I feel like I am a lot more grounded and present with my kids and husband."

I've worked with other coaches in the past and felt like Hillary heard me and not just pushed her agenda on me - the client/coach lines were clear.  I felt I stretched and grew so much more during my work with Hillary than with previous coaches.

Hillary gave me practices and tools that I could use between sessions to help awaken and shift my awareness. These practices helped me attain my goals of feeling more grounded and present.  I was able to focus better and shift out of frustration easier and more quickly.  I was able to release anger and let go of parts of the past. I feel lighter.

Kat Moulton

I thought nothing was really changing....until she reminded me of where I started.

The shifts were natural and gradual, but collectively huge.  My favorite expression she used was probably this: "Saying no to piddly shit is saying yes to the big game"  I am well on my way to playing a much bigger game. What surprised me about my experience with Hillary was the way she noticed how stuck in my head I get. The way she cuts through 'stories' to see things differently and get to places of feeling that are really hard for a person who thinks a lot.

Tanya Malott

For anyone who doesn’t know Hillary, she has the most powerful energy of anyone I have ever met.

She is full of love, guidance and wisdom to help you find and get connected with your inner power. I highly recommend her programs and working with her if you areready to step out of the victim role and into a place of incredible self-confidence.

Britt Michaelian

Hillary brought me right to my core and identified exactly where I was blocked and what my heart was truly calling out for

I became present to me in a way that I hadn’t done before. Hillary’s insight, intuition, and power to heal is truly a gift that the world needs right now. In just one session with Hillary, my perspective has changed dramatically and I’m noticing all of the new openings now in my life. Amazing!

Jolette Jai

I started working with Hillary because I felt stuck in my life.

As a result of the work we did together, I was able to stay focused and mindful during a very big and stressful brand launch, appoint people in my company to take away the parts of the job that were not what I wanted to do, and begin to communicate and be with others in a way where I am not a victim of the stories of my past. She is honest, empowering and truly inspirational to work with and I would really recommend working with her if you want to see transformation in your life very quickly.

Jo Cruickshanks

Hillary has a rare gift of being able to quickly identify an emotional issue and reframe it in positive terms.

I am incredibly thankful for her gentle reminder to let alchemy transform a stressful situation into one of power. If you are ever presented with the opportunity to work with Hillary, you would be crazy not to take it!

Kate Ladd

Hillary is the real deal.

She totally got to the core of what was stopping me and gave me actionable steps to overcome my fears in just 2 hours.  I have a whole new outlook on myself and a toolbox of practices I can use whenever I feel stopped.


I was ready to try something new, different and challenging.

I had hired a health coach with a strong focus on eating habits and my relationship to food, however, I felt I was not able to shift anything. My work with Hillary has gone to such deeper levels and caused tremendous shifts. 

As a result of working with Hillary,I have shifted my relationship to my family; I have shifted my relationship to myself and how to stay in touch with myself, I have shifted my approach and relationship to professional work; I have shifted my ability to deal with anxiety and stress; I feel I have more perspective and self-awareness and able to better communicate; I “learned” what meditation is all about and how it can work for me, and I’m in the process of trying to incorporate it more regularly into my life.