Struggling? Feeling like life’s too challenging? This will help…

Bring FEAR closer & ask it what it wants-3I’m curious. Are you dealing with any struggles or challenges in your life right now that you aren’t quite sure how you are going to make it through?

I can relate. I totally feel for you. I gave birth to my first baby at age 42, last October. Already, my sweet Odin has taught me so much about struggle. How it’s a part of life, and how to move through it without prolonging it.

FYI: Mercury will be in retrograde from May 18th to June 11th, so if you are noticing challenges with communication, technology or things are just not working out, and you are still trying to push, you will end up creating more struggle. When Mercury goes into retrograde we get an opportunity to slow down, look within, reassess and reframe our struggle into a beautifully challenging moment.

Are you asking yourself…

How am I going to get this done?

Am I doing this right?

This is your invitation to practice shifting your mindset and learning to just be present with whatever is actually happening. Click to tweet… Instead of resisting it or complaining about it, which will ultimately create more of it, try this…



Take a moment close your eyes and think about the most challenging thing you are dealing with right now. Once you have it, do these 5 steps, so you can move through this struggle, learn more about yourself and use it to your advantage.

5 Steps to Be Less Reactive & More Responsive

  1.  Stop and breathe.
  2.  Ground, literally feel the earth beneath you.
  3.  Focus on what you are grateful for.
  4.  Focus on what is working.
  5.  Answer this question in your journal: What is this beautiful challenge calling forth for me?

This is your invitation to explore and enjoy whatever challenges, obstacles or speed bumps that come and laugh and be present with it a little bit more, so you can use it to your advantage. Click to tweet…

Leave a comment below letting me know how this has helped you and what area of your life you are seeing as beautifully challenging.

Your Angel of Fire,





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