TAOBC Studio

The Art of Becoming a Coach Studio (a self-study coaching program) is designed to be a coaching immersion for women who feel inspired to become full-time coaches but are not sure exactly where to start.

For a limited time, you gain access to TAOBC Studio to get your Coach Training in an entirely new way and learn exactly how to get started and create a solid foundation for your coaching practice. You will get to join the Founding Members and get immediate access to the first 11 weeks of the program, finishing the last 6 weeks together.

IMPORTANT: This is your last chance to be a part of The Art of Becoming a Coach Training Program!

I started TAOBC with nothing more than a desire to serve.

I had been researching programs for well over a year and always found a reason or an excuse why it wasn't the right fit. I started the program knowing nothing about coaching and can now confidently say that I am a coach.

Elizabeth Turner

Coaching Workshops

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Claim Your Niche Workshop

After this workshop you will know:

● Your niche, who you help and with what
● How to use your superpower effectively
● How to get out there to be seen and heard
● What steps you need to take to get clients

And have a plan, knowing where to focus your time and energy.

PLUS how to answer the dreaded, “What do you do?” question with confidence!


5 Ways to Transform Your Money Mindset

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From Confused to Confident

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Demystifying Coaching

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Coaching Products

Next Evolution Sale – Use code: NEXT
and get 50% off at checkout


From Beta to Brilliant

This Workshop will take away the overwhelm, struggle, or guessing around how to CREATE CONTENT for your free calls, tele-workshops, and webinars to generate new prospects, your group program sessions, or program content recordings.

I had this 7 years ago, and am excited to see you share your brilliance with the world to make a difference – as well as attract your ideal clients.

Now you will know how to create content like a Pro.

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Coaching Bundle

This Coaching Bundle is going to help you identify your niche, create an offer, test it, and get it out there as a coach.

You’ll finally have a strategy to transition into coaching, and an outline to start – without feeling lost or confused. Amen to that!

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Hillary teaches you how to find your voice and develop a body of work.

She is a creative maverick who teaches new coaches how to master their craft while developing their own style of coaching.

Elizabeth Purvis

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