75-min Business Brilliance Session

This is what you’d call my pick my brain, brainstorming session where you and I jam about your business, project, or big life change. You may have lots of ideas, feel all over the place and are seeking to get grounded, focused and know what the next steps are. If so, this is for you!

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She showed me how I could play much bigger now, not just in 3 years from now.

I felt that she got me immediately and understood my gifts. Let me tell you, she is an idea machine. Not just random ideas. I mean highly personalized, made just for you ideas. I felt like I was shot out into a rocket.

But the crazy thing is, Every vision she painted felt totally aligned and in the realm of possibility. It was like we were in the same mind and heart, but I hadn't looked in those directions. So what changed for me? I'm still committed to my short term goals.

What I have now, is a mental vision board for what will come next. Thank you Hillary!

Linda Ugelow

Coaching Workshops

Claim Your Niche Workshop

After this workshop you will know:

● Your niche, who you help and with what
● How to use your superpower effectively
● How to get out there to be seen and heard
● What steps you need to take to get clients

And have a plan, knowing where to focus your time and energy.

PLUS how to answer the dreaded, “What do you do?” question with confidence!


5 Ways to Transform Your Money Mindset

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From Confused to Confident

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Demystifying Coaching

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Coaching Products


From Beta to Brilliant

This Workshop will take away the overwhelm, struggle, or guessing around how to CREATE CONTENT for your free calls, tele-workshops, and webinars to generate new prospects, your group program sessions, or program content recordings.

I had this 7 years ago, and am excited to see you share your brilliance with the world to make a difference – as well as attract your ideal clients.

Now you will know how to create content like a Pro.

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Coaching Bundle

This Coaching Bundle is going to help you identify your niche, create an offer, test it, and get it out there as a coach.

You’ll finally have a strategy to transition into coaching, and an outline to start – without feeling lost or confused. Amen to that!

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Hillary teaches you how to find your voice and develop a body of work.

She is a creative maverick who teaches new coaches how to master their craft while developing their own style of coaching.

Elizabeth Purvis

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