Tapping into your past to create an opt-in that’s on point with you, your brand + biz offerings…

This week’s babysitter blogger is Hillary’s dear friend and colleague, Helene Scott. Helene is an amazing personal brand and business strategist, and has been a featured expert in Hillary’s online training program, The Art of Becoming a Coach.

She’s sharing some great actionable steps today, teaching you how to ROCK your opt-in. Check it out…


helenescottOne of the most effective opt-ins (and my favorite from a brand POV) is one where you’re able to tap into your past experiences to create something for your people that’s not only the perfect introduction to YOU, but insanely helpful for where they’re at RIGHT NOW.

Not everyone can create this type of opt-in, but as a coach – YOU CAN.

How’s that?

Because the very thing you’re teaching (or working on with people) is something you yourself went through at one time.

Put simply — you help the previous version of you.

Because of this you deeply understand (not just logically, but on a cellular level) exactly where they’re at, where they need help, AND what will help them most.

How does that help you with your opt-in?

Unlike many, I don’t view an opt-in as just a means to a ‘list building’ end.

I see it as an unparalleled opportunity.

An opportunity to offer up the perfect bite-sized example of what it is you can do for your people.

An opportunity to provide a deep + authentic connection – while providing HUGE value – to the people you most want to serve, work (+ play) with.

An opportunity to purposefully use your opt-in as part of your brand + business story – effectively differentiating yourself (with a highlighter).

All those opportunities boil down to one thing…

Your opt-in is an amazing opportunity to make it EASY for people to know if you’re the one for them or not. Click to tweet…

It’s a lovely form of customer service + respect.

A people first, profit second approach.

When you create an opt-in that lines up perfectly with you, your brand + biz offerings, you can’t help but grow a list of YOUR right people (the one’s you most want to work with, and are primed to work with you).

Here’s a quick walkthrough on how to do just that in just 2 easy steps…

1. Think about where you were at when you experienced the ‘problem’ your current people are struggling with.

Really put yourself back there. Close your eyes, write about it. Whatever it takes – just get back there.

Then, do a brain dump of writing down anything you can think of that would’ve been insanely helpful to know at that time.

I’m not talking about the WHOLE big thing you know and teach right now.

It needs to be that first life-line – that first glimmer of a door opening with promise flooding through.

2. Now I want you to look at your current business offerings and identify the overarching CORE transformation you offer. 

You may have many packages and offerings and serve a few different type of clients – but as a whole, there’s likely ONE big thing that’s a through line for everything you do.

When you have that in mind, I want you to reverse engineer the main steps to that end transformation. Back up till your at the point of the first few steps.

What are the first foundational level lessons/concepts/philosophies that are imperative your people understand/experience before they can move forward with you?

Write those first steps down.

Now, I want you to look at the answers from 1 + 2 and merge them to create an opt-in that HELPS your people where they’re at + INTRODUCES them to the very first foundational philosophy/lesson they need to experience/understand in working with you.

Creating an opt-in like this ensures the people that stay on your list KNOW exactly where you’re coming from and CONNECT with how you deliver/teach your services.

OK, you may still be unsure what this looks like. Let me show you…

My main opt-in introduces my core philosophy/strategy on how to build a brand (+ biz) on purpose.

It’s a combination of self-inquiry + actions for my readers to take immediately so they can experience a foot stompin’ “ah-hah” within their personal brand (+ biz) strategy and know the steps they need to begin taking to start crafting their business story ON PURPOSE, so that it attracts their ‘right’ people.

The part of this training that is delivered to my previous me is that although I’d been within the brand development space for years in the startup world, it wasn’t until I broke out on my own as a solopreneur that I discovered… As a service-driven solopreneur, YOU ARE YOUR BRAND. Click to tweet…

When I began infusing my WHY and the REAL ME into my brand – everything changed.

And so my core transformation is to empower women entrepreneurs with the bone deep belief that they can build the business of THEIR vision, on THEIR terms by being undeniably THEMSELVES – and that by doing so – they can’t help but build an unforgettable brand that attracts their exact right people – like a homing device.

All my services + content drip with this ‘battle cry’.

In reverse engineering that core philosophy and strategy, I landed upon the 3 foundational FIRST steps they’d need to work through no matter what work they did with me (DIY courses as well as consults).

By having that be my opt-in, I’ve effectively introduced my philosophy, my language, my approach AND authentically delivered a kick ass training that will help them move forward in their brand and business building efforts in less than 1 hour of their precious time.

It’s a very heart-wide-open service based strategic approach to creating your opt-in.

Your Turn…

Start working through those 2 steps above, use my example as a starting point and then go create an opt-in that lines up with YOU, your brand and rock awesome biz offerings, so you can grow a quality list with YOUR exact right people.

Want to get my 1:1 support? Leave a comment below telling me where you see your opt-in going and ask any questions you might have on how to make it happen!

I can’t wait to see what you create…



Meet Helene…

HeleneScottHelene Scott, Personal Brand + Business Strategist, helps daring female solopreneurs —like you— build business they were born to create, by identifying your why, owning it + acting on it with conviction. With a background in graphic, web + user experience design, plus years of building brands + start-ups from the ground up — Hélène offers a highly intuitive + empathetic approach on how to craft a brand + business that is undeniably YOU, which in turn acts like a homing device to the very people you most want to serve. Connect with Helene on Facebook, Twitter and her website.

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  1. Creating my opt in has been a huge challenge for me. I guess I’ve been waiting for your amazing advice Helen. No more procrastination!

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