What is The Art of Becoming a Coach Training Program?

taobc-hr-profileYou’re here because you’re either interested in becoming a coach and seeking to see what you really need to do next to become a coach OR you’re a coach seeking to find your own way and discover what it is you bring to the world and not follow.

No matter where you are, you know you’re not interested in a “cookie cutter” coaching program and want to learn how to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

This is where TAOBC comes in.

The Art of Becoming a Coach first launched in 2012. This year we’ve made it even better, now it’s a 4-month online comprehensive training program for heart-centered souls who want to use their passions, strengths and knowledge to create a business doing what they are meant to do – COACH.

In this program you will learn how to create your own unique style and system of coaching to birth a practice you love. We are here to support you to go at your own pace and progress in an online group environment.

This is not a cookie cutter coaching program, you’re here to stand out by being YOU and using all the knowledge and experience to your advantage. TAOBC is the liberal & creative arts of coaching programs.

Hillary made over her public image from yoga teacher to coach, that’s a huge transition.

Many people feel pigeonholed in what they are doing right now. People have this secret dream to transform to something new and she did it very quickly.”

– Marie Forleo, Marie Forleo’s B-School

TAOBC was designed for:

  • Teachers, leaders and mentors
  • Moms who want to get back into the workforce
  • Yoga teachers, wellness practitioners, therapists and healers
  • Those who want to harness life experiences and lessons learned to help others
  • Full-time professionals looking for a more fulfilling, heart-centered career path


Who is TAOBC for?

It’s for creative, driven, smart souls who are not seeking to fit in. It’s for rule breakers who are done with cookie cutter models and know deep down inside there are here to make an impact in the world as a coach.

They are done with traditional ways are seeking more and are ready to lead not follow. For those who are ready to have fun, release what is in the way of their greatness and lead by example. Who are excited about possibility, into personal development and understand becoming a coach will come with growth.

Who is TAOBC not for?

For those who are seeking traditional models, seeking only structured coaching tools, templates to copy or who need to have a certification to be a coach.

Or are seeking a one size fits all system handed to them and who are afraid to break the rules because they need to play it safe. This is not those who complain or blame the world for where they are in life and seeking a magic pill.

Curious to see if TAOBC & coaching is the right business for you?

When you sign up for the TAOBC VIP List, you’ll get my free Coaching Toolkit that will help answer your most pressing questions about coaching and which road is best for you.

When does the next round begin?

TAOBC begins in June 2017 and runs through September 2017, giving you ample time to create a rocking coaching practice, but not so much time that you lose your momentum.

The Art Of Becoming a Coach Training Program was a total game changer for me and my business.

francescahBeforehand, I was pretty much winging my matchmaking and coaching business, figuring things out (or not) as I went along.

TAOBC took my coaching practice to a new level!

There’s no comparison to where my business was before TAOBC and where it is now!

Hillary has so much wisdom and passion for what she does and she is so generous in going above and beyond the content of her amazing course.

Not only did I learn so much valuable information, but I continue to be inspired by Hillary and her vision and passion for what she does.

I’m so grateful for having decided to invest in TAOBC, which has already paid for itself many times over!

– Francesca Hogi, Class of 2014

In TAOBC 4-Month Virtual Coaching Program You Will:

  • Develop your unique skills, strengths, experiences and philosophies into a coaching system that is 100% unique to you.
  • Learn how to use some of the most common coaching methodologies (and decide which ones are right for you).
  • Discover the target market you most enjoy working with and are uniquely qualified to serve.
  • Organize your skills to create session outlines, programs, offerings + products that are unique to you.
  • Learn how to explain what you do in a way that is compelling AND easy to understand.
  • Set up an effective coaching model to reach potential clients and convert them to paying clients.
  • Break through self-sabotaging beliefs that may be holding you back (ie. I’m a fraud, I’m a failure), during our weekly coaching calls.

The Details + What You Get:


  • A 4-month virtual coaching program, beginning in June 2017 – September 2017
  • Delivered inside a private TAOBC membership area: via video with powerpoint, MP3′s, transcripts and written materials so you can participate from anywhere in the world. (*Program modules will be released on Fridays.)
  • Weekly group coaching calls, Implementation weeks, to get support + keep you on track (You will have the opportunity to send Q’s in advance + call times will alternate between daytime and evening time to best accommodate everyone).
  • Plenty of time for practice coaching to gain experience and figure out your unique style of coaching.
  • Convenient, downloadable MP3 recordings of all calls and course materials.
  • A series of downloadable companion guides with exercises to support your continued learning and growth.
  • Advanced Curriculum + Bonuses with many top coaches: Victoria Prozan, Anne Samoilov, Nikki Groom, Kendrick Shope, Erika Lyremark, Sarah Yost, Bari Tessler, Melissa Cassera, Helene Scott and more…

After Taking This Virtual Coaching Program, You Can Expect to:

  • Have the tools to get started and set up a effective coaching model.
  • Share your unique voice as a coach and message with the world.
  • Stop the destructive habit of comparing yourself to others.
  • Have the confidence to put yourself out there to get clients.
  • Stop feeling like a fraud, a bad role model or a failure.
  • Know exactly what to charge and feel good about doing it.
  • Release any stigmas you have around calling yourself a coach.
  • Feel confident, knowledgeable + clear about the unique blend of life experiences, strengths and skills YOU have to offer.
  • Feel peace of mind knowing you have a clear plan to find your first clients, market your services and grow your practice.
  • Have lifetime access to the program as long as it’s running + a community of kindred spirits who will keep you accountable.

Make no mistake about it — becoming a coach IS an ART, not a science. The process of finding one’s style + voice as a coach will be the same for no two individuals.

In my opinion, this is where most programs fail. They teach cookie-cutter systems that simply don’t work for everyone because they are NOT taking into account the uniqueness of the individual.

Participating in TAOBC was the absolute best decision for me to gain clarity and confidence in what I have to offer as a coach.

amydaviesI developed a strong and focused plan for integrating the plan and launching myself. Since doing TAOBC I am in full swing! I have been doing 1:1 coaching, and gaining a lot of ground in what I have to offer as a coach. I have so much more clarity now than when I started.

During TAOBC I started putting together my group program, testing out the ideas with my current clients and the women in the program, and will be ready to launch it within the month.

What I loved about TAOBC is the direction that is very simplified and logical about how to get my ideas out, how to access the strengths I already have and utilize them, how to engage my soul and spirit to find ways to turn the experiences I have had in life into a solid plan for my business.

I would definitely recommend TAOBC to people who are exploring the idea of becoming a coach. This program helped me to gain clarity around what I have to offer to the world, confidence to know that I have all that I need to help people, and to help me implement a logical plan of action to get those ideas out of my head and into a format that resonates with MY OWN way of helping and coaching others to their greatness.

– Amy Jo Davies, Class of 2014

Who is Hillary Rubin?

inspiredcoachmag-hillaryrubinI’m a Spiritual Life & Business coach, a coach for coaches and the creator of The Art of Becoming a Coach Training Program. Back in 2009, I had already completed a yoga teacher training program, was teaching globally and had ample life experience and felt I could offer more to my clients and the world.

Just like you, I knew I was here to coach, and I knew I had a gift… But, instead of getting certified, I went on a journey. I hired coaches, invested in business programs and worked my tush off trying to figure out how to use my gifts, life experience coupled with my past trainings to create my own unique systems of coaching.

This consisted of falling on my face, getting rejected and learning how to tap into and leverage all resources I had.

I’ll never forget the moment I booked my first paid coaching client for $997. A few years later, I grew my revenue to a consistent $5,000/month through a process of trial + error. And I am blessed to say today I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and now run a 6-figure business that is not only fulfilling, but also helps me be a the woman I knew I could be while it supports the kind of lifestyle I’ve always wanted to create.

I tell you this not to brag, but to say: YOU can do it too.

Now, I’ll be the first to tell ya’, there is no magic formula that works for everyone. Your trajectory may look different than mine. In fact, it probably will.

But what I can say for sure is that you can do this and it’s my intention to help you take your next step with confidence, ease and enthusiasm.

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