It’s time to step into your power as a coach and claim your superpower!

superpower-4-10-16It took me most of my life to discover my power as a woman. My power used to be dictated by what work I did and the title I had. I’ve had so many different jobs and careers that eventually led me to stop trying to find myself and start creating myself.

In some ways it was a quest to find my power.

Fashion was my dream. I worked in sales, as a publicist for Prada, magazine editor, stylist, had my own PR company, had my own jewelry line, was a design consultant, became a yoga teacher, had a top selling yoga DVD and yoga podcast, then became a coach, and now am a coach trainer.

When I was working at Prada I was diagnosed with MS and lost my power.

It was more of my ego that was hit. I found my power when I went on my healing journey. Then when I started coaching, I found my power in all the life experience I had.

My biggest lesson was that I found that I confused my ego with my true power.

The ego is tricky.

Do you know the difference of stepping into your ego or your power?

I’ve made my mistakes along the way, I’m just like you, human after all.

Finally, I’ve found that when I am not having to prove myself, I’m in my power. When I have to prove myself, I’m in my ego. Can you relate?

Allow yourself to be done with having to prove yourself and step into your power. Click to tweet…

Imagine we’re sitting across from one another having lunch and I asked you…

What does it feel like for you when you step into your power? What would you say?

I’m not talking about coaching right now. I’m talking about your essence, your soul, your truth. Oh, and by the way this is who you are as a coach, so we’re playing with your ego here so you can trick it.

Instead of you jotting it down or noting it in your head, you get to take action!

Have fun with this and share it with the world, Sweet Soul:

When I step into my power I feel (fill in the blank) Tweet this…

Even if you’re starting out as a coach you can own your power. Now you know what it feels like so you can get yourself into this space when you coach and remind yourself you’re doing a good job. Validation is key to being able to step into your power.

We’re still having lunch, so I guess you’re feeling pretty good and may be ready to order that dessert. You order dessert and then…

I ask you, “What is your superpower as a coach?”

What would you say?

Would you pause to think or would you have it on the tip of your tongue? (psst… This used to be me until I stepped back to see what people were coming to me for.)

Would you shrink or would you expand?

Would you think you have many superpowers? If you do, great, you get to pick one for today.

Whatever happens for you enjoy it, allow it to be there because this is what’s happening and that’s cool. No need to judge it, let that go and ask yourself what you’re superpower is.

If you don’t know, then ask yourself if you did know what would it be. OR ask yourself, what people tell you that you’re great at.

Again, instead of you jotting it down or noting it in your head, you get to take action.

Now own it and share it with the world, Sweet Soul:

My superpower as a coach is (fill in the blank) Tweet this…

For me this has been an evolution to find my superpower as a coach. It has always been that I can see the patterns and hidden blocks that are holding you back from having what you deserve or desire to have. When I work with coaches, I can see their unique area of expertise and how all their life experience, talents and gifts can be made into their coaching system.

I have a few superpowers, as do you.

Most coaches I know have found their superpower after many years of coaching, and I’ve been fortunate to interview some for my Breakthrough to Coaching Experience. This year, I’ve changed this event up and it’s now an exciting 5 Day Challenge + Interview series with top coaches and mentors like Amanda Steinberg, Lisa Fabrega, Kelly Lynn Adams, Makenna Johnston and Rebecca T. Dickson. It happens in May and I hope you’ll join us!

Let’s wrap it up with a #coachtip:

Next time you’re ready to step into your power to coach someone and are feeling off, remember the tweet you sent, how you feel when you are in your power, and ask yourself if you’re in a place of proving or serving?

You may like to write yourself an email reminding you of this or stick a post it on your wall. Whatever it is, you get to step into your power without having to apologize or ask anyone for permission.

And when it comes to your superpowers, use them and own them.

OK, now it’s time to share!

Head over to our private Facebook group, The Art of Coaching, and leave a comment telling me what your superpower is and how you use it to serve others.

I can’t wait to read it and learn more about you!


Your Angel of Fire,







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