The top 5 things I invested in for my coaching business that were worth every penny

hrblog060516I know how challenging it can be when you’re starting out to know where to spend money in your business, especially when it may not be coming in like you’d like it to be.

I see people throwing money at things all the time that don’t give a good ROI (return on investment). It can be stressful and a bit of a downer.

One never knows if some investments will pay off the way you think they will. Sometimes you go in with a desired outcome, but you get an entirely different outcome, and it was what you really needed.

One thing I’ve learned is there are no guarantees in life. Click to tweet…  

My online journey started around 2006 with my first website as a yoga teacher.

It was costly, fun, and I had no idea what I was doing. I was at the mercy of the web design firm. It cost me thousands of dollars and I had no idea how to do anything.

Since then, I’ve had 3 websites. I finally had a WordPress site created, and am now in the planning stages to do a makeover later this year. One thing I’ve learned is that websites are living things, like we are, and they are always changing, evolving and a great mirror of being OK with it not being perfect.

They also are a great guru or teacher – when things get crazy, you can freak out, or you can go with the flow and find the amusement in it.

I, like you, have spent thousands of dollars (or maybe you are considering making an investment and not sure what would make sense for you right now) on all sorts of things, and all of them had value for sure, and some were better than others.

This is the nature of investing in anything – like your money in the market, you never know what is going to be the winner.

If you’re starting out, please keep in mind you get to be a beginner – this is a good thing. If you’ve been out there for a while, then maybe this will give you a good look into the next thing to invest in.

The top 5 things I invested in for my coaching business that were worth every penny…  

1. Online group training programs. The first one I did was called Rich Happy and Hot Virtual Mastery with Marie Forleo back in 2009 (before she had B-School). Marie was a trusted mentor who was doing what I wanted to do. Someone I could relate to and who could show me it was possible.

This is where I had my aha moment, the “I want to do that” kind of feeling. You know when you have that feeling and it’s your soul calling you to move on it, not ignore it.

I knew I was here to be a coach and this was the way for me to learn. I was not into getting certified or doing a coach training after I was already certified as a yoga teacher. So, I took in almost everything she created so I could learn from her.

I looked ‘under the hood’ to see how it was done and learned the art of coaching. It was worth every penny and I had a huge return on this.  

2. 1:1 coaching. I’ve hired a bunch of coaches who were a great fit, and some that were not a great fit. I prefer not to list their names because whatever the outcome, even if it was not what I wanted, I know I was ultimately the one responsible for my results.

I have also found that hiring coaches to help with the inner game was golden. One big lesson I’ve learned, and I still live by this belief, is that one must have a strong inner game to have anything in life, especially a business. Otherwise, you’re only putting paint on a house and not focused on the foundation.

To find the best fit, ask yourself what you need at the moment to move to the next level in your life, and find someone who has done it, someone that is a few steps ahead of you.

To me, if you are a coach or on the path to become a coach, hiring one will help you to have your own experience and invest in yourself so it will be easy for you to have others invest in you. This makes it worth every penny to hire a coach.

3. Professional Photographs with someone who totally got me, Caroline White. I’ll be honest, I was afraid to do the photoshoot because it was a lot of money and I was feeling I would look old in them because I turned 40. Crazy pants and my own shit.

It was the most money I invested in having pictures taken. And I recently found out that Caroline raised her prices on me because SHE was afraid to do the shoot. She was just starting out back then, and wasn’t sure if she was able to deliver what I was asking for. The funny thing is, she rocked it, and we became great friends!

I’ve used these photos to help with my brand, package my programs, market my business, and be able to get more exposure as a coach. They have helped me to raise my profile as a coach and show the world the real me. This investment was totally worth every penny and so much fun, too!

4. Web Designers, Developers and Copywriters with soul who get your vision and work with you. I started out with Racheal Cook to design my current site, then brought on Jayme Gatbonton to create the look of my programs, The Art of Becoming a Coach, Meditate Create & Liberate, the Breakthrough to Coaching Experience, and all things graphics and web.

I’ve worked with many copywriters, like Alex Franzen, Hilary Weiss and Laura Belgray. I love working with copywriters because through the process, you learn how to write and tell your story. It helps your branding and to see what you are good at when you are not sure how to put words to it.

I found that as a creative, my background is in art and fashion, I enjoy being part of the creative process so it made sense to have someone I could collaborate with to put my vision out into the world. There are always things I’d like to improve or change, and like I shared, this is a place to practice it not being perfect.

5. Learning how to apply my make up. This was the smallest investment on the list, and one of the best ones. I never was taught to wear makeup and don’t wear it often unless I’m going to an event, shooting videos, or doing a photo shoot. It was more empowering than I imagined and now I know some tricks of the trade and save hundreds of dollars when I have to do anything. I will say, I love getting my makeup done, and I love saving money even more.

I bought all the makeup brushes and products and it was pricey, but worth it. I know you can learn online with YouTube videos, but I’m old school and wanted to learn from someone I worked with.

Lastly, I know this is #6… My Team which is at times my #1, because without them, I could not do what I do or have been able to have a baby and still keep my business running.

When first starting out, it was scary to hire someone because I wasn’t sure what to have them do and I didn’t have any systems in place. I went through a lot of people and learned every step of the way. Now we have systems, work in the cloud, and things flow with ease.

This is something that comes later and before you hire anyone, start creating the systems – or if you need systems, it may make sense to hire someone to help you when you’re ready. One of the things I love about having a team is I get to support them in having the lifestyle they are creating. It’s empowering and worth every penny to know I have a small team to have my back and take care of my clients, as well as share ideas and let me know when I have to let go.

This is my short list and what I’ve found worth it for me. It will be different for everyone because we all have different needs as coaches with our businesses. If you’re not sure where to start or what step to take next, come on over to The Art of Coaching Facebook Community and ask.

Tag me and I’ll be happy to help you take your next step.

Now, I’d love to hear from you, Sweet Soul…

What have you invested in personally or professionally that you feel was worth every penny and why?

I’ll catch you in the comments and in our private Facebook community, The Art of Coaching.


Your Angel of Fire,






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