Transforming Your Money Mindset for An Abundant 2017

Are you feeling the shift in energy now that we’re 15 days into 2017?

I know I have and it’s been a little bumpy, but starting to feel better. Everything is energy and being aware of this makes life way easier.

When I was planning for 2017 I uncovered my theme for the year which is Creative Expansion.

I began to open up to discover what guides me and helps me as a women, mother, and coach.

What came up for me was the cycles of the moon.

As women, when we tap into the energy of the moon, earth and planets, it’s easier to tune into our INTUITION and TRUTH.

So after meditating on what’s true for me, I decided to tie in the cycle of the full and new moon into my work as a coach.

Drum roll…

Each month I will be hosting a Full Moon Flash Sale and New Moon Workshop. This is where you can uplevel ONE AREA of your life/business and not feel overwhelmed by all of the moving parts.

I love what said about this Full Moon: “It’s our time to recognize that home is important, security is important, creativity is important and community is important…”

To me, this means it’s time to focus on the one area that supports us, which is MONEY.  

“…We are yearning for something outrageous and wonderful and magical and eccentric to happen in our lives, something to lift us up and inspire us to be better, to take the next step and to leave anything of a lower frequency behind.”

If we can do this with money – set the energy in a higher frequency – life and business will be easier all around.

Ready to give it a try?

I’d love to hear the #1 thing you’d uplevel when it comes to MONEY that would have the biggest impact on your life. Create a post to share in our private Facebook group, The Art of Coaching, and be sure to tag me.

And if you’re ready to shift your money mindset and rewrite your money story, check out my workshop, 5 Ways to Transform Your Money Mindset.

We’ll cover the biggest mistake coaches make when it comes to getting paid and how to avoid it. AND the most important question to ask when spending or receiving money, along with tools to use every day to UPLEVEL your money mindset.

I can’t wait to hear what big plans you have this year. Did you pick a theme or word yet for 2017? I’d LOVE to hear about it. Share in this thread inside our private Facebook group!

I’ll ‘see’ you over there…


Your Angel of Fire,






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