Unpack Gratitude and Open to a World of Plenty

This week in the states we’re celebrating

Beyond the food and the start of the
shopping craze ‘Black Friday’ this holiday
is steeped in one of the most important
spiritual practices:


I love how gratitude shows up everywhere.

From Abe Lincoln writing his Thanksgiving Proclamation back in 1863 to modern day
teachers who talk on this topic like Tony Robbins, Ekhart Tolle and Marianne Williamson.

It was even one of the main threads on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday this weekend featuring one of my mentors Marie Forleo, along with Gabby Bernstein, + Mastin Kipp.

This is not by fault it’s for a reason…

*Gratitude is One of the Most Powerful Tools We Have to Shift Our Reality

It’s just a thought away, a step away and dispels anger, fear + doubt instantly. (*Scroll down to find the 108 Gratitude Guide Experience PDF to help you make this happen.)

How’s that for a power soul vitamin?

I know how easy it is to get numb by so many messages about gratitude especially around Thanksgiving.  And after years of being in the personal growth world I always seem to go back to the basics starting my day with gratitude.

Taking time to give thanks, being appreciative and opening to the gift of life it brings me back to what is true for my soul.

Gratitude is the foundation to life just like letters are to a word. You can’t have one without the other.

Giving Thanks For Everything Is Easier Said Than Done

What I found powerful in my own life is giving thanks for what I have including hard times, past hurts and welcoming all the lessons learned.

Going into the darker parts of the year and in life is not for the faint of heart. It’s for the seeker, yes YOU, the seeker. A mega huge shift in my life in was when I was able to be grateful for what I call today a ‘Course Changer’. It was when I was working at Prada and was given a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.

It was like being given a prison sentence.

It was one of the hardest moments of my life and it changed my life forever hence my calling it a ‘Course Changer’. I had many choices, and made the ones that did not make sense to anyone around me.

I went for feeding my soul and diving into the alternative world of healing.

There Are Many Ways To Practice Gratitude

This is the one that makes the biggest impact in my life.

As one of my end of the year *practices I always take the time to review the year and write out 108 things I am grateful for and why. (*this practice was inspired by a dear friend of mine.)

I start with a meditation and create sacred space to celebrate and bathe myself in the vibration of appreciation.

My list looks something like this:

1. I’m grateful for my health, because I have energy to give to others.
2. I’m grateful for my husband, because he helps me stay grounded.
3. I’m grateful for my dog Mala, because she brings love + play into my life.
4. I’m grateful for my freedoms, because I live a truly blessed life.
5. I’m grateful for my home, for it’s warmth + sacredness.

I get really personal and list all the people who have touched me this year like my friends, team, clients, support system and so on.

Now Take the Journey + Unpack Gratitude

Create a morning, afternoon or evening for gratitude. Make it your experience.
Gather with your friends or by yourself. Make tea. Put on music. Sit in the silence.

Say a prayer. Create the sacred + pour your heart out.

Start off with what is working in your life then add on all that you may of not liked (your course changers)  this year and give thanks for it. See what comes up for you and transforms in the fire of your heart.

List what you’re grateful for and why…

Click here to download your 108 Gratitude Guide Experience (it’s free!)

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Take Action Now + Ground Yourself In the Sacred

1. Tell me in the comments below the #1 person you are grateful for.

2. Share this post with that friend + those you love.

3. Click to tweet this: Getting started with my 108 Gratitude Guide Experience w/ @hillaryrubin.  Get yours here it’s free: http://bit.ly/XzzfUP

I can’t wait to support you in deepening your practice with gratitude.

Thank you a million lifetimes for being part of my heart, soul and community.

Lots of love + blessings…

Your Angel of Fire,



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