Welcome Delays Because Everything Unfolds Perfectly

Today I want to get some discussion going about what happens when you want life to move faster than it does.

Have you ever felt like projects, plans or people are not satisfying your need for speed?

If so, then today’s post is written just for you.

I know, it can be super frustrating. When you’ve done your part of the work, put in the sweat, tears + prayers and still nothing is happening…

When your deadlines are not met and delays become the norm…

When you take out your goddess cards, consult your astrologer, turn to your guides, and you still can’t figure out why…

Some Of the Questions That Come Up Are:

Did I do something wrong? What am I missing here? What can I do to speed this up?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I want to pull out my hair, stomp my feet or scream at the top of my lungs (in private, of course).

My Surprise Delay + Website Saga…

Earlier this year, I was fired up to update my website. It was time to integrate all my work and create something that could serve the community and help women live a more fulfilling life.

I had a plan.
I had guidance from my mentors.
I knew what I wanted to create (with pages + pages of notes and drawings).
And I had a deadline.

In my mind, it would be simple, fast and be ready to launch this summer. (Key word: simple.)

Er, Not exactly.

After 2 photo shoots, multiple unexpected delays, copywriters bailing out, and just life getting in the way… it’s still coming.

At First It Stressed Me

There were so many feelings coming up. Anger. Defeat. Insecurity. Frustration.

I felt that since I had created this deadline, I had to meet it–and it wasn’t happening.

Then I Realized My First Blessing: I Have the Power in This Situation

I had to accept the situation and be open to seeing that a quick + dirty site would have been out of integrity with the work I do. That’s not how I work, so honestly, I was settling.

And guess what? I’m the one with the power to shift those deadlines and say yes to choosing a knock-out website over slapping up something that’s just okay.

As I let go of trying to control the timing, I am able to allow the good that is unfolding.

Delays are a gift from the universe. Bless them!  tweet this…

Because I made this choice, I’m excited about the results & can’t wait to share. (Coming soon!) I’m still little nervous and battling my inner perfectionist.

Best Outcomes (Blessings):

I get to better serve you.
I get to better serve those who have yet to meet me.
I get to give my gifts in a more effective way and enjoy the creative process.
I get to trust in a friendly universe.
I get to communicate better and be even more grateful.
I get to learn important lessons so I can live a more fulfilling life.

Lessons Learned:

Cutting corners never ever works.
“Good enough” is a form of settling.
Everything takes longer than expected. (Some move faster too!)
There are always more steps than I think there are.
I have to trust in my own process + the people assisting me.
Surrounding myself with people who have the same values is important.
Moving slower gives time to birth an even better creation.
The universe works in divine time, not what-I-want-to-happen time.

Application + Practice:

Where can you find the lessons + best outcomes in your own delays?

Tell me in the comments below the #1 delay you’re dealing with and what the Best Outcomes (Blessings) +  Lessons Learned are. This is where transformation happens.

If you’re not 100% sure of the lessons, write some possibilities below so I can personally support you in finding what they are.

Loved this post? Share it with your friends who are having a tough time with their own delays.

Thank you for being you, being an important part of this community and taking steps to create lasting change in your own life.

Your angel of fire,



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  1. Love this post & perspective Hillary! Can’t wait for the big reveal – it has all come together so much better than what we originally planned. xoxo

  2. Hi Hillary, I am reading this post and I guess it’s exactly what I needed to hear. Right now I was asking myself when am I going to get this online business right, why can’t I find a place to open up my Day Spa again. Yes you are definitely right about delays being a blessing cause I don’t like to settle for anything, I have this excellence kinda spirit and I had to stop and remind myself that God does His thing in his timing and while I was feeling that the year is coming to a close and something needs to happen I know that I have new things to learn and a better me to become and I have to trust the process. I really learnt patience and letting go of how I think things should be.

  3. This post is very timely for me. I gave my manuscript for a poetry book to a friend to comment on, so I could put the comment on the back cover. He was taking ages, and I started hassling him. In the end, I apologised, and he said that he was taking his time to comment, because it had to be worthwhile to be of any benefit to me. I realised that by thinking so much about his comment, he was paying me the utmost respect, instead of just fobbing me off with some meaningless remark.

  4. My biggest delay right now is waiting for the final steps in activating my business bank account. Although I don’t see the blessing in that right now, I’m hoping it means that I’m being held back because there’s something truly amazing on it’s way.

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      It’s already done… feel it. own it. what would you be doing differently when it is open? Claim it + say : something truly amazing is on it’s way right now. xo Hillary

  5. I definitely welcome it! Kind of excited now 🙂

  6. Hi Hillary ,
    Thanks for your mails.Much lessons I could learn
    from your topic.The mind that got for you to love others &serve others it’s a great in your life.It’s a great blessing for my life &service.
    We wish you a Happy Christmas &a Happy New Year.Let the God Almighty help you to do more things in 2013.

  7. Becoming a coach is taking longer than I hoped.

    The blessings:
    I learn to trust and have faith.
    I get to focus on my own personal growth while I’m working behind the scenes.
    I get to enjoy the present moment.
    I get to learn and expand so I will be the person I need to be to serve others at my best.

    The lessons:
    “The universe works in divine time, not what-I-want-to-happen time.” Love that!
    It’s okay.
    I am enough.


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