What I love and don’t love about coaching (and having a coaching business)

coachlistsAbout a year ago I was asking myself the million dollar question, “WHY am I doing this?”

It was time to have a check in with my heart and soul about coaching, being a coach trainer and having an online business. I’m all about calling oneself out and being honest. Radically honest.

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For years I had a side gig, like when I worked in fashion I was teaching yoga on the side. When I was teaching yoga, I was coaching on the side. Then it was all coaching and training coaches with no side gig. Now, I am a mother and have my own business, so it’s the perfect mix.

In some ways all the side things prepared me to have my version of having it all.

Becoming a mother changed me on many levels. One of them was to live more deliberately and honor what’s true for me. I had to see that I still wanted to coach, train coaches and mentor them.

So, I sat down and wrote out what I love about coaching and what I don’t.

Before I get into it, I want to be real with you. I’ve evolved over the years as a coach and finally found my so called “sweet spot”, my super powers and what I love to do. It came after a lot of trial and error.

So today, I call myself a Spiritual Life & Business Coach, mentor for coaches and the creator of The Art of Becoming a Coach 6-month Training Program.  

We all evolve and what we do and how we bring it into the world does, too. Click to tweet…

10 Things I love about having a coaching business:

  1. Having the privilege to coach incredible souls
  2. Helping my clients to meet their desired goals and beyond
  3. The act and ART of coaching in the moment and over time
  4. Helping clients to see their blind spots and show them tools to be in charge of their lives
  5. Being creative, using my creativity in business and seeing what is possible for my clients
  6. Lifestyle design: having the freedom to work on my own schedule
  7. Becoming a better coach by coaching and teaching about coaching
  8. Witnessing breakthroughs and seeing how lives and businesses change from coaching
  9. Hearing the AHA’s, takeaways and breakthroughs from students and clients at the end of a session
  10. Being part of the process, journey and life of someone who’s committed to the work

10 Things I don’t love about having a coaching business:  

  1. Working alone, feeling isolated
  2. Feeling responsible when clients don’t do the work
  3. When people don’t use the resources and wonder why they don’t get results
  4. When a client ends a program and they need to keep coaching, but they stop
  5. There are no guarantees that the client will do the work or get results
  6. When someone is ready to work with me and let’s money get in the way of it
  7. The admin process and system set ups (over time I hired VA’s for this)
  8. Not knowing if the client will give themselves the time and energy to do the work
  9. When technology goes down and you have no control over it
  10. Being a money collector when people don’t pay in group programs

Heads up, my personality type in the Enneagram is a 7 and this means I tend to find the good in everything and not allow myself the space to not like or even love things. Also, in the StrengthsFinder assessment, positivity is one of my strengths.

So the what ‘I don’t love’ took me a bit to figure out. Even though I don’t love it, I know it’s part of it and always learn from it.

One thing I love and don’t love is doing Clarity Calls. On one hand it’s great market research for getting to know one’s niche, as well as a great way to get clients. However, when I know the person is a fit and I can totally help them but they are not ready to invest, I have to let them go. Having to let them go and honor my prices is important and for you as a coach, please remember this is part of the journey.

For some people they may not like the sales part of the business, I’m cool with it because I see it as a service. Money is the currency we use for products and services, so when you can accept that and take it to the next level and LOVE it, then you can move it from the things you don’t love to the things you love. #coachtip

If you’re starting out on your path as a coach, or have been at it for a couple of years and not feeling like things are working, I understand. Take the time to list out what you LOVE and don’t LOVE about being a coach and having your own business and see how this helps you to see where you may need some help.

Now I’d love to hear from you, Sweet Soul!

Tell me one thing you LOVE about coaching and one thing you don’t in the comments below. And if you’re needing help, then talk to me here so I can help you know what to do next.

I’ll see you in the comments!


Your Angel of Fire,






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P.P.S. I have a few spots opening up for 1:1 coaching with me. I’d love the honor to help you get clear on your next step. Remember, honesty is my religion and I will tell you if we are not a fit or if there is something else that is better for you.

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