Why Good Sh*t Takes Time + How to Let Your Process Unfold With Ease (And Enter to WIN!)

blog_06.13.14Let’s get real. Have you ever felt like something you were creating was never going to get done? It became more to do, maybe you even wanted it to go away.

Or maybe you felt overwhelmed with what to do next and felt guilty putting it aside because you needed to feel accomplished.

On one hand, the idea of failing haunted you and on the other hand, you felt drained and needed to focus on something new.

But you didn’t know WHY this was happening to you.

Creating anything takes time. Sometimes more than you thought, and when you begin to validate your process, it will get easier.

Some people call themselves procrastinators when really they have forgotten there are rhythms to life. Perhaps the pause in any creative project, goal, or dream is the very thing you need to learn – what you need to make it even better. Or maybe you as a person need to grow and by giving it space, you can come back to it to see it with fresh eyes.

This is what most writers, filmmakers, and artists will suggest you do when you are creating pretty much anything. SPACE is needed for things to develop. TIME is needed for things to develop. EASE is needed for things to develop. Being able to put control aside and lean into surrender will allow you to enjoy the process, instead of resisting it or beating yourself up.

What I’ve been learning about time and creating new projects during pregnancy.

I just started my sixth month of pregnancy, and am amazed I’m already about halfway through the nine months of creating this miracle. It’s moving pretty fast at times, but sometimes, it feels like it will never end. Funny how the mind works.

One thing I find interesting is there are milestones during pregnancy. There is the first-trimester where you keep the news to yourself as you go through tests to see everything is alright. It’s a very delicate period. You may even find out the sex of the baby if you want to know – a big milestone.

Then, at 20 weeks, there is a structural Ultrasound where you can have the option to see your baby in 3-D, and to see everything is developing in a healthy way. After that, depending on the health of the mama and baby, there may be more tests or you are clear until you have to meet some other milestones that happen in the second and third trimester.

Even with all these milestones, there is still a big unknown – when the baby will come. The entire experience is pretty much in the space of uncertainty, and with technology, we are able to learn a lot more today than we used to. Amen to that.

When we are creating something in our lives we forget that milestones are needed.

Markers, checking in, being present along with having moments of celebration make it an even more enjoyable experience as well as keep you fully present in the experience.

Everyone talks about the journey and most of us are trained to focus on the goal, the end game, and forget the beauty in the steps – the process we have to take in order for what we are creating to match our energy.

The truth about any creation or new adventure, is that if we knew what we really had to do when we first embark on it, we’d most likely opt out. Interesting, right?

This leads me to seeing time in a new way, and making it work in our favor.

TIME is expansive and we get to play with it. We can also allow whatever we work on to last forever, if we don’t have a due date or deadline. My baby has a due date, and all everyone says is, he will come when he is ready. And this is true.

So, what if your project you are working on right now, or the one you may have put to the side or are about to start, had a due date? This would allow you the space and time for your project to be created.

What if you did it with ease, had fun and then had some milestones along the way where you could check in, validate your progress, and change the course if you needed to?

Simple, right? It could be, or not, it depends on YOU!  

Let’s look at creation of a baby elephant. Did you know elephants carry a fetus for 22 months? What? I know… That’s almost two years. This is the longest gestation period of any mammal.

Now, when you look at what you are creating, carrying and working on, do you see how creating a timeline for yourself would help?

Taking the elephants pregnancy journey into account may allow you to see how putting something aside for a bit, especially if you are feeling like you are forcing it to happen, may be exactly what you need. Perhaps you or the project needs some space to grow, so you can learn and become who you need to be to birth it into the world.

It’s up to you and only you know what the true answer will be…

Personally, I usually give myself a month, a few months, and sometimes even weeks. Some other things have taken years, and some are yet to be created and who knows if they will ever. I’ve been wanting to create a meditation & coaching course since 2012.

I’ve been carrying this around like the elephant carries it’s fetus for about 22 months. At times I felt frustrated and then I had to remind myself – I had to grow as a coach, healer, person in order to birth my best work into the world. I had to bring the project into present time and allow it to be new and shift, as I have shifted.

I put it aside as a project and used it with my clients along with practices, assignments, and tools, and began to see amazing results. I knew it would happen some day and had to let go of when. At the beginning of the year, I had the feeling it was time.

I set a due date for around September 5th of 2014, and guess what? She’s, yes she is a she, is being birthed on my birthday, June 16th 2014. Make sure you come back to the blog on Monday to check out what I’m creating for my 42nd Birthday Extravaganza, and click here to find out how you can enter to win something really awesome.

Let’s sum it up so you can release any pressure to get good sh*t done and let your process unfold:

First, what are you working on that you’ve been putting off or feeling pressured to get done right now? Validate yourself for what you’ve done already, no matter what it is.

Second, did you give yourself a due date to birth what you are working on? Set a date to have it done, give yourself the space, and start doing a little a day to bring it into the world.

Third, do you feel this year is the time to do it? Are there steps you need to take first to get more information to make it better, or would sharing it with someone who believes in you or coming back to it with fresh eyes help?

Last, have you considered it is perfectly fine to enjoy the process? Set milestones and have mini-celebrations, and remind yourself daily you are doing a great job, even if you are not moving as fast as you want to.

Keep in mind if it is something that you used to love doing and have grown out of it, like an old pair of jeans, then you want to get honest with yourself – it may be time to make peace with it and  let it go.

I’ve done this plenty of times and it felt so freeing. This happens in life, it does not mean you are a failure, perhaps it just was a flower that only opened ¾ and whatever it was, was it’s fullest expression.

You get to give yourself permission to change how you look at whatever it is you are creating, birthing, and bringing out into the world. Remember: It’s not your business if anyone else likes it or thinks it’s beautiful – it’s your creation and you get to love it. Click to tweet.

Feeling better? Let’s have some pre-birthday fun + enter to win below!

When you leave a comment below telling me, one project you’re working on right now, you will be entered to win a 1:1 session with me (value $350), and my somethin’ somethin’ special being birthed on my birthday, this Monday, June 16th.

How this will work: the winner (drawn at random) of the 30-min 1:1 session with me and the special bonus gift, will be emailed by my team and given next steps of what to do.

Because I want to make this a big celebration, 6 other sweet souls will also win the special gift coming on Monday. To enter, you must leave a comment below sharing about a project you are working on right now.

We will post the names of the winners on Monday.

I’m over the moon to celebrate my 42nd birthday with you and see what you are creating in your life, too!

Your Angel of Fire,







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  1. Working on a new sales course for women who haven’t yet found their voice in business

  2. Right now I’m trying really hard to go easy on myself. I’m 47, living in a shelter with my 18-yr old and my 4&1/2 yr old all because I thought that if I stood by my man long enough, he would somehow see the light & make the efforts necessary to turn our relationship around. Now it’s way too late for any hope in a a relationship for me at least for a long time. This is definitely a turning point in my life. All I really need is for someone to take a chance on me me. My many job applications have gone unanswered. I can use some guidance as to whether this silence from the outside hiring world is really just a reflection of the economy or just the universe’s way of telling me there’s something much better for me out there that I’m overlooking.

  3. Beautiful post, Hillary! And congratulations on the new baby, along with a happy birthday.

    This is a well-timed post for me. Lately, I’ve been coming to the realization that given the vast amount of great ideas that come to me (I’m a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur), I obviously can’t pursue them all. I’m only one person with one lifetime after all. Your image of the flower that only opens 3/4 of the way was beautiful because sometimes we feel that if something isn’t 100% done and wildly successful, it was a failure – when really that was the fullest expression it was meant to have. I think of half-baked stories I’ve had and I’ve always beat myself up over never finishing them, but maybe that was all I was meant to write for those stories; maybe they only served as tools to sharpen me for my *greater* purpose.

    Which leads me to answering your question! What project am I working on now? Well, I have two things that I would consider my ‘magnum opus’, the imprint my soul leaves on this world before I peace out (kind of like how the celebrities leave their handprints in Hollywood at the Chinese Theatre. So firstly, I want to write and publish a NY-Times Bestselling novel that touches people’s hearts. Secondly, I want to be an international speaker who travels the world sharing my story as well as an uplifting message.

    As far as the novel, I’m planning it out and letting myself be okay with the fact that it takes time for the idea to simmer and baste. As for the speaking, I’ve been beating myself up with not getting anywhere with it yet, especially when so many other people are out there doing their thing. I have so much that I could speak about and I guess I need to rest in the ‘gestation period’ as I get clearer on what my message is to the world. This will be a life’s work for me – I want to write self development books on the topic, have online courses, speak at various conferences, etc. But as you said: “I had to grow as a coach, healer, person in order to birth my best work into the world. I had to bring the project into present time and allow it to be new and shift, as I have shifted.” Right now, I’m undergoing a lot of changes (my dad recently passed away from cancer), and as I try to find out who I authentically am and who I am in alignment with, I need to be kind with myself as this journey of mine processes.

    So thank you for this reminder. As far as the novel, I think setting a due date for that and setting milestones as well will be especially helpful.

    I’m excited to learn what you unveil on Monday because I know it’ll be extraordinary and I can’t wait to see it!

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      Love it Lily!!! I’m happy you connected with the post. You have two big projects, goals, desires – awesome! Enjoy the journey and give yourself due dates and allow your process to unfold. If you feel up for it, maybe a smaller project would be good to do as these are longer term projects. Just a thought. Excited to share with you on Monday… xo

  4. Working on a new super-secret series to empower writers to tell their stories, and a new self-guided video course for newbs.

  5. One project that I am working on right now is a new script for a feature film.

  6. working on my book to share my son’s story .. it’s been a challenging road of not allowing myself to be vulnerable as he need me to be strong.. as I needed to be strong .. it’s difficult to tap into some of those emotions now but its also the start of a new life and beginning of my own company encompassing all that I have learned through life and sharing it with the world!

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      Fantastic Petra! Anything worth creating challenges us, so good job… Enjoy all of it and see how that helps you release the resistance. Enjoy starting your new life, your own company and celebrating yourself. Love it. 🙂

  7. Jeanine says:

    I am trying to get my apt organizd / cleaned I have things that I am holding onto that is not serving me any purpose but stress and clutter.
    I keep fighting the fact of trying to clean and keep it organized. I keep making excuses of why not to. I start off strong, but then I get overehelmed n give up and don’t touch it awhile. Then I get mad at myself n get real frustrated. I am working on that. That is one ofy tying up loose ends projects that I’m working on.
    ” why is it so easy to organization my apt?”

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      You are doing it Jeanine!!! Release the fight and take one small step a day and ENJOY IT!!!! YES!

  8. For me, my ongoing project is to do some major purging of household stuff—clothes that don’t fit, items we don’t use anymore, etc.—and the biggie….putting years and years worth of photos in photo albums. Initially, I was berating myself for not doing the albums before, but that didn’t help. Only served to make me feel worse and create more negative energy. So I’m concentrating on taking it step by step. I figure no matter how much I do, it’s progress.

    As the saying goes, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” Works for me.

    Thank you, Hilary!! xoxo

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      Love that Gannon! Cleaning out is huge to bring in more energy to create more… I love that question, I think it was Desmond TuTu who said that… You are so welcome!!!

  9. Hillary! I loved your blog post today. It struck so many cords, I felt you wrote it directly to me!
    Thank you for sharing the process of creating with time, ease and space. The space part of this equation was what I needed to understand.

    I am working on my second leadership group for entrepreneurs which a client asked me to do where people can bring their accountability partners and I love the idea. Date of birth: 21 July 2014.

    Thank you for writing such a valuable and timely post!

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      Thank you Vanessa! YES space is important for anything to grow. Love what you are working on… You are so welcome! xo

  10. I want to see my idea for an App leave my head and become a real product. I know nothing about this process so I am trying to set “learning” as one goal! But it won’t be enough, and the process includes a lot of techie stuff I know nothing about and many people that are interested in telling me how difficult/expensive/timeconsuming it is.. So I also need to find some new mentors and people to discuss with. I want to follow the possibilities not the stopsigns!

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      Awesome Jessica! I love your attitude. Write out what sort of help you need, know you will meet them and start asking around. Have fun with it! xo

  11. i am a female writer/director who has many really good projects for both film and tv – recently i pitched my newest and edgiest to 3 of the biggest networks they ALL thought it was great and kept it a few weeks to have meetings with top execs. (that rarely happens) Ultimately – they all 3 passed and now I find myself frozen – unable to work on any of my other good unfinished projects or do all the leg work (I don’t have an agent – it took months to get those meetings) to get meetings w/ other networks.
    i know it’s not logical 3 is nothing – but I am nonetheless FROZEN. thank you! (and my birthday is next week too!) Happy Birthday fellow Gemini!

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      Congrats Tess! All 3, that’s amazing!!!! Use the steps here and take one small step at a time, you deserve to be validate and for your work to be out in the world. Agent, smagent… Happy birthday to you too!!! xxoo

  12. Love this post, Hillary, and very timely. I took it easy for about a month after launching my web site, allowing myself to enjoy my accomplishment and celebrate with a little R & R. It felt great!! Then this week, inspiration hit agin and I dove into my next project. Not ready to share details here (but I know you know what I’ve got in the works!) Things are taking shape and feeling good. One thing I haven’t done yet is define date…that will be my next step this weekend. Thanks for the wise words and inspiration!

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      Thank you Jill!!! Love the celebration love. I know you have a lot of good stuff in the works. Enjoy all the creative energy flowing… you are welcome. xo

  13. Ashley Chandler says:

    I loved this post! Last August I started a women’s storytelling project called Storytellher. A month later I started my first year of teaching special needs students AND became pregnant. Storytellher was put on the backburner. I’m currently creating ideas of ways I will use Storytellher along with my coaching business, but for now it’s a project that’s on hold. I’m now looking for the right time to re-birth this project.

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      Awesome Ashley! I love your project, that’s so cool… Give your project the space to expand, take time to write out your ideas and give it a due date. Enjoy the process. xo

  14. Nargiza says:

    The project I’ve been working on for a very long time is to build a big, strong yoga community with a yoga studio I’ve been dreaming of having. To provide a safe and loving space to all of those who seek true authentic yoga practice.

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      Hey Nargiza! I love your dream… This is a wonderful project and will take time. I love your intention and now you can go out into the world and invite those souls to come with you. 🙂

  15. Hi Hillary! I’m definitely pregnant with something… Not sure what it is exactly yet, but I know I will be offering support and healing work that can be felt through phone lines and computer screens. I look forward to being able to spend more time in the mountains with my boyfriend, and connecting with nature. I feel pretty patient with the process, but some milemarkers or due dates would be helpful. I like the idea of it birthing sometime around the fall equinox (also my birthday).

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      Hi Laura! Sweet to know you are feeling your creative energy bubbling up. Play with ideas and see what comes up. Maybe your B-Day is your due date? And guess what markers you’d like to start. Enjoy the process. 🙂

  16. Annette says:

    I recently started my own business, called (W)holehearted, specializing in compassionate health coaching for teen girls. I’m currently creating my process for working with clients. I know the content I’d like to cover, but need to flesh it out and make it real!

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      Sweet Annette! love the name. Enjoy the process, pick a due sate and take steps daily, it’s already REAL. 🙂

  17. I am working on my summer/fall lineup for my webinars along with my homeschool schedule. With Mercury Retrograde I’m learning to be truly compassionate and gentle with myself. It’s not easy to follow the process because I like to plow through. Thanks for the reminder I think I’ll be gentle on me and go to bed now lol

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      Very cool Charmaine! Use MR to slow down, create space and get your ducks in a row – it helps at this time. What if it was easy to honor the process. Have fun with it and excited for you. 🙂

  18. Kendra Tanner says:

    Great post, thank you! It really spoke to me as I’m in the process of birthing twins lol! The first is my own coaching business and associated services for women who want a better relationship with food, body and life. This is along side starting a literal bricks and mortar fish farm with my husband. I am just about to put together a project plan for the fish farm… lots of milestones and due dates in that one! And for my coaching biz, I want to add creativity and fun to the process and my thought is that due dates could limit the fun. Is that true? Not sure, but I recognized some reprogramming is needed to shift away from the deadline driven corporate world I used to work in. At the same time, I’m ready for sh*t to happen on the coaching front, so maybe I will play with a few due dates there, but with no attachment and still have fun in the process 🙂 Thank you! -Kendra.

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      Thank you Kendra! I love that you are birthing twins, non-identical too! Both sound fun and awesome to create… Due dates do not limit, it gives you space for the project to expand and not go on forever. Time expands into the space we give it, so if you say it’s going to be years it will and if you say its going to be months it will expand into that. It’s called Parkinsons Law. Check it out. Enjoy your process and every step you take. Excited for you!

      • Kendra Tanner says:

        Thanks Hilary! I just checked out Parkinsons Law; reminds me of some of Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Work Week book. Love the reframe… I can have a deadline and be creative within that space but not let it drag on forever 🙂

  19. Hi Hillary! This article really speaks to me as I realized so much of it this week…your words put it in a different perspective too! I realized I was procrastinating on things I’m not even ready for! So now I am focused on finishing up school and getting clear on who my market is and their core issues.

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      Hey Mandy! Glad you got some focus from the post. Enjoy the process and find out who you are here to serve. 🙂

  20. My creation is a one-day workshop for women to learn healthy habits. They will learn five habits that make a difference and the skills necessary to create new habits. Most importantly, they will leave with a plan to implement the one habit that will make the biggest difference in their lives.

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      Nice Georgie! I love how you have this all laid out…. Just in case you have more content to offer, know this happens and be kind to yourself. This means you could have a 2-day workshop. It sounds fantastic! Make sure to celebrate every step. Go you!

  21. Hey Hillary,

    I’m birthing a total immersion retreat for this August. Just about ready to let it loose in the wild. Hopefully this week or next! So excited and a lot fucking scared! LOL

    Can’t wait to see what you’re bringing forth on Monday. And Happy early Birthday, baby! <3

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      Hey Annie!!! I love it, a total immersion retreat… What if your fear mean this: fuc*ing, exciting and rewarding and you gave yourself the space to go for it without having to control it. I’m thrilled for you to be on this adventure and let it loose in the wild woman. I’m excited to share it with you! xo

      • Ya know, I liked that acronym when I first heard you say it in TAOBC. . . but I changed it to fit me a little better –

        fucking exciting, amazingly rewarding 🙂

  22. Will be finishing Buddhist chaplain training, working on creating a vision for my serving in the community from this expanded capacity. Listening and holding space for the unfolding of the next steps.

  23. Hello Hillary,

    Congratulations on the baby and on your birthday.

    I loved your post. It is so much what I needed to read right now.
    I am a holistic healer and since I had so many ideas, my services kind of lost clarity. I was working in too many projects at the time and since last week, I decided to make a pause and take a couple of steps back to be able to get a broader perspective…

    For now, I am working in re-defining myself as a person, getting my priorities straight -my business was taking over my time with my family- and as a therapists I am hoping I can get clear in my purpose and more confident in my gifts.

    Thanks for your words of inspiration and reassurance.

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      Thank you Maria! I’m happy you loved it and it was what you needed to read, that’s awesome. The space is great, take the time to see who you are creating this for and perhaps find some people who would be a fit to talk with. Then you don’t need to feel pressure to make it happen all in your head if you know what I mean. One step a day, validating yourself for doing a great job will help along with the steps I suggested in the post. Have fun with this. 🙂

  24. Awwww…Hilary! You aren’t kidding when you say good SH*T takes time! I have a 7, 5, 4, and 1 1/2 year old, and I feel like it takes me 4 times as long to complete ANYTHING as compared to most. (And seriously, I work 24/7!)

    I’m steadily working on a group health+fitness program (which will be my signature program) but with my 4 kiddos it is taking FOREVER.

    I keep swaying back and fourth thinking I should start some 1:1 coaching to get something going (just launched 1 1/2 months ago 😉 ) but with such young kids THAT will take a long time to get prepared too, so I keep going back to my program.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      Yes, Mariah, I’m not. Having kids, being a mom is a full-time job, especially with 4 kids then put a project on that – it would totally take you time. You do want to have a due date, and maybe see if you can get some help during the week. Or look at where you have pockets of time you can chunk down what needs to get done. That would work, and have your mini celebrations for doing one small step when you do. Doing 1:1 coaching takes time, it all does and if you are getting people who want to work with you 1:1 go for it. Then you can see if they are a fit for the program and give it to them as a bonus. Does that make sense? Having a smaller project now may make better sense. Hope this help.. You’re doing a great job!

  25. Hillary, I’m so grateful you are sharing this brilliant inspiration.

    I am so with you…my journey is full of ease + grace because I am growing my biz while I nurture + home educate my two girls.

    For a while, whenever i would see other entrepreneurs growing so quickly, I felt like I was falling behind.

    Now I realize that I am especially blessed because I value my connection with my girls so deeply that I honor the slow + steady growth of my biz, learning more and more to trust that my journey is unfolding perfectly.

    My days are filled with play + parks + friends + fun. And I feel so rich to be right where I am.

    Success to me means enjoying the journey…living happy on the way to fulfilling each new dream.

    Today I was reading a journal from a few years back when I wrote about my desire to be home with my little girl + write + teach inspiration + wellbeing to more people {rather than high school standards}…reading these words were an affirmative reminder that I am living my dreams right now.

    Right where I am is a beautiful step in my journey + I honor it with appreciation and love for all that is.

    So much love + appreciation to you, wise mama!



    • Hillary Rubin says:

      I love everything you shared Denise! Powerful to see the seed you planted and how it unfolded… It’s easy to think we are falling behind when we are paying attention to what other people are doing then comparing their paths to ours. Glad you caught that. You can start projects, set due dates and take small steps daily and you will get there when you do, and perhaps may surprise yourself. You are doing a great job and created what you wanted and it looks like your life, not someone else’s life. You’re doing a great job! xo H

  26. I enjoyed this post so much as well as reading everyone’s wonderful comments beneath it. There’s a lot of beautiful wisdom amongst these special women!

    I’m birthing a course for mothers to help them find a happier balance across their different life areas. I keep changing the due date (pushing it back!) because I feel I need more time to truly understand how I can best serve my audience.

    I’ve surveyed my mailing list to find out their biggest struggles, but feel I need to get into their heads even more. I’m considering offering some 1:1 coaching (free or very low cost) to gain more insight.

    But keeping up with my blog, newsletter, guest posting and interview opportunities that arise, social media, website maintance and tweaks etc etc … means that each week flies by and I havevt begun to do this yet.

    I know I’d benefit from a focus session where I can gain some clarity over the best use of my time and where to focus my energy.

    Thank you for considering me. xx

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      Love it Kelly! It’s good to talk with who you are making this for, this will give you insight And you can do a beta course, a test course with some of them to work it out and then launch it. You may want to offer 15 min free calls, call it what you’d like and speak to your audience. This does help… From those 15 min mini discovery sessions you can enroll them into the beta course and may even get a client. Take some space, write out your ideas then take a baby step. Enjoy it and get out of your head. You’re doing a great job!

  27. Pamela Bacha says:

    Oh Hillary! This post really was what I needed this morning. My creative project right now is “me”. As I’m working my way through a divorce after 26 years, building my own business, finding my voice and just discovering who I REALLY am, I’m impatient and much too hard on myself for the time it is taking. I get frustrated when old behaviors and emotions I thought I closed the door on long ago resurface. Taking apart the life I’ve lived for so long and examining it with new eyes has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But it is a process and I have to honor that.

    And it will be good. I have to remember that and relax into the process. It’s not something I can force or control. So thank you! Your timing was impeccable.

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      Fantastic Pamela! What a journey you are on, even when it feels hard, enjoy it. I love where you are now and how you validated yourself. Way to go! You are very welcome lady, you’re doing a great job! Keep taking the time you need. 🙂

  28. Hi Hillary and Team,
    I have many projects on conception. The main one is my self-love project and reestablishing a new home full of infinite love and possibilities for myself and family. My deadline is August and take a step each day towards this goal.
    This is in addition to your beautiful course- today I got Week 1 all in a beautiful binder and I felt awesome about that! Thank you for this blog post and for being a lighthouse.
    Happy Birthday to you, With love- XOXO

    • Hillary Rubin says:

      Sweet Dawna! I love your project, it’s the foundation and why I created MCL. Yay you! I love how you are celebrating and validatng yourself. Thank you for the sweet wishes. xxoo


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