Why Good Sh*t Takes Time + How to Let Your Process Unfold With Ease (And Enter to WIN!)

blog_06.13.14Let’s get real. Have you ever felt like something you were creating was never going to get done? It became more to do, maybe you even wanted it to go away.

Or maybe you felt overwhelmed with what to do next and felt guilty putting it aside because you needed to feel accomplished.

On one hand, the idea of failing haunted you and on the other hand, you felt drained and needed to focus on something new.

But you didn’t know WHY this was happening to you.

Creating anything takes time. Sometimes more than you thought, and when you begin to validate your process, it will get easier.

Some people call themselves procrastinators when really they have forgotten there are rhythms to life. Perhaps the pause in any creative project, goal, or dream is the very thing you need to learn – what you need to make it even better. Or maybe you as a person need to grow and by giving it space, you can come back to it to see it with fresh eyes.

This is what most writers, filmmakers, and artists will suggest you do when you are creating pretty much anything. SPACE is needed for things to develop. TIME is needed for things to develop. EASE is needed for things to develop. Being able to put control aside and lean into surrender will allow you to enjoy the process, instead of resisting it or beating yourself up.

What I’ve been learning about time and creating new projects during pregnancy.

I just started my sixth month of pregnancy, and am amazed I’m already about halfway through the nine months of creating this miracle. It’s moving pretty fast at times, but sometimes, it feels like it will never end. Funny how the mind works.

One thing I find interesting is there are milestones during pregnancy. There is the first-trimester where you keep the news to yourself as you go through tests to see everything is alright. It’s a very delicate period. You may even find out the sex of the baby if you want to know – a big milestone.

Then, at 20 weeks, there is a structural Ultrasound where you can have the option to see your baby in 3-D, and to see everything is developing in a healthy way. After that, depending on the health of the mama and baby, there may be more tests or you are clear until you have to meet some other milestones that happen in the second and third trimester.

Even with all these milestones, there is still a big unknown – when the baby will come. The entire experience is pretty much in the space of uncertainty, and with technology, we are able to learn a lot more today than we used to. Amen to that.

When we are creating something in our lives we forget that milestones are needed.

Markers, checking in, being present along with having moments of celebration make it an even more enjoyable experience as well as keep you fully present in the experience.

Everyone talks about the journey and most of us are trained to focus on the goal, the end game, and forget the beauty in the steps – the process we have to take in order for what we are creating to match our energy.

The truth about any creation or new adventure, is that if we knew what we really had to do when we first embark on it, we’d most likely opt out. Interesting, right?

This leads me to seeing time in a new way, and making it work in our favor.

TIME is expansive and we get to play with it. We can also allow whatever we work on to last forever, if we don’t have a due date or deadline. My baby has a due date, and all everyone says is, he will come when he is ready. And this is true.

So, what if your project you are working on right now, or the one you may have put to the side or are about to start, had a due date? This would allow you the space and time for your project to be created.

What if you did it with ease, had fun and then had some milestones along the way where you could check in, validate your progress, and change the course if you needed to?

Simple, right? It could be, or not, it depends on YOU!  

Let’s look at creation of a baby elephant. Did you know elephants carry a fetus for 22 months? What? I know… That’s almost two years. This is the longest gestation period of any mammal.

Now, when you look at what you are creating, carrying and working on, do you see how creating a timeline for yourself would help?

Taking the elephants pregnancy journey into account may allow you to see how putting something aside for a bit, especially if you are feeling like you are forcing it to happen, may be exactly what you need. Perhaps you or the project needs some space to grow, so you can learn and become who you need to be to birth it into the world.

It’s up to you and only you know what the true answer will be…

Personally, I usually give myself a month, a few months, and sometimes even weeks. Some other things have taken years, and some are yet to be created and who knows if they will ever. I’ve been wanting to create a meditation & coaching course since 2012.

I’ve been carrying this around like the elephant carries it’s fetus for about 22 months. At times I felt frustrated and then I had to remind myself – I had to grow as a coach, healer, person in order to birth my best work into the world. I had to bring the project into present time and allow it to be new and shift, as I have shifted.

I put it aside as a project and used it with my clients along with practices, assignments, and tools, and began to see amazing results. I knew it would happen some day and had to let go of when. At the beginning of the year, I had the feeling it was time.

I set a due date for around September 5th of 2014, and guess what? She’s, yes she is a she, is being birthed on my birthday, June 16th 2014. Make sure you come back to the blog on Monday to check out what I’m creating for my 42nd Birthday Extravaganza, and click here to find out how you can enter to win something really awesome.

Let’s sum it up so you can release any pressure to get good sh*t done and let your process unfold:

First, what are you working on that you’ve been putting off or feeling pressured to get done right now? Validate yourself for what you’ve done already, no matter what it is.

Second, did you give yourself a due date to birth what you are working on? Set a date to have it done, give yourself the space, and start doing a little a day to bring it into the world.

Third, do you feel this year is the time to do it? Are there steps you need to take first to get more information to make it better, or would sharing it with someone who believes in you or coming back to it with fresh eyes help?

Last, have you considered it is perfectly fine to enjoy the process? Set milestones and have mini-celebrations, and remind yourself daily you are doing a great job, even if you are not moving as fast as you want to.

Keep in mind if it is something that you used to love doing and have grown out of it, like an old pair of jeans, then you want to get honest with yourself – it may be time to make peace with it and  let it go.

I’ve done this plenty of times and it felt so freeing. This happens in life, it does not mean you are a failure, perhaps it just was a flower that only opened ¾ and whatever it was, was it’s fullest expression.

You get to give yourself permission to change how you look at whatever it is you are creating, birthing, and bringing out into the world. Remember: It’s not your business if anyone else likes it or thinks it’s beautiful – it’s your creation and you get to love it. Click to tweet.

Feeling better? Let’s have some pre-birthday fun + enter to win below!

When you leave a comment below telling me, one project you’re working on right now, you will be entered to win a 1:1 session with me (value $350), and my somethin’ somethin’ special being birthed on my birthday, this Monday, June 16th.

How this will work: the winner (drawn at random) of the 30-min 1:1 session with me and the special bonus gift, will be emailed by my team and given next steps of what to do.

Because I want to make this a big celebration, 6 other sweet souls will also win the special gift coming on Monday. To enter, you must leave a comment below sharing about a project you are working on right now.

We will post the names of the winners on Monday.

I’m over the moon to celebrate my 42nd birthday with you and see what you are creating in your life, too!

Your Angel of Fire,







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