Why Pushing Never Wins The Race

Are you the type who leaves things till
the last minute, and when the fear
rushes in you have to push yourself
to meet that deadline?

Do you feel like crap when you do this?

I’ve definitely been there too. I think at
some point, everyone has.

A good way to approach this problem is
by recognizing the difference between
pushing vs. pacing.

By defining yourself as a “type” you close yourself off from new possibilities

If you see yourself as the type of women who pushes, don’t worry – you’re in very good company. There is nothing wrong with ambition, wanting to serve the world and going balls-to-the-wall.

But the way you approach your goals, i.e. with stressful rushing, might be keeping you from really feeling at peace with yourself.

When what you do takes away from your vitality, happiness and soul, it is more damaging than helpful. Quality will make all the difference in your life, relationships and work.

After having a 2hr reading for my birthday, I came back understanding this even more – and of course I had to share it with you all!

Get ready for some good, life-shifting stuff.

As a “recovering pusher”, it’s my mission to see you where you are, and take you to an even better place.

In David Hawkin’s book Power vs. Force, The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, he talks about consciousness as energy fields.

Note: Hawkins created this work over years of study and millions of calibrations. To keep this simple and avoid an information overload, I’m only sharing the part that will help you change your state from pushing to pacing.

His work is based in applied kinesiology. Applied kinesiology (AK) uses muscle testing as a primary feedback mechanism to diagnose how a person’s body is functioning.

He has created a map of consciousness that is absolutely amazing showing the energy fields, emotions, process and life view. For example, the level of consciousness that shame takes is vibrating at 20, and the highest level of consciousness (enlightenment) vibrates at 700-1000.

When you’re hanging in fear mode, you’re at a 100 on this scale. Living with this anxiety can get pretty darn frightening (even desperate). But it propels you forward, and stuff does eventually get done.

You can get addicted to this cycle, and depend on it to help you attain your goals. You may get your stuff done, but (this is a big ol’ “but” here) you SUFFER.

Now you’re in the power seat. Give yourself permission to be be willing to shift your habits, aka addiction to this “type” you are. Then, flow into forgiving yourself for pushing. By taking a stand, you will get new results.

(Is self-forgiveness tough for you? Then don’t worry, I got your back. There’s a way to get a free Forgiveness Meditation at the end of this post.)

There is no race to being you, waking up or finding your purpose.

Just slow down, calm down, don’t worry, don’t hurry. TRUST the process. – A. Stoddard click here to tweet me an amen sister

What you should do now is…  STAY OPEN + PLAY, SISTER!

First, see this as an experiment. Think of it like play or baking a cake. Let your hands get a little dirty, and have fun!

Second, it’s time to dismantle this outdated pattern. After all, it’s only getting in the way of your alignment with your soul’s truth.

Third, when you deliberately choose to shift your mode to acceptance, you go from pushing to pacing. When you hang out in this space more and more, you lift your vibration of consciousness.

Result: You’ll be even more open to forgiving yourself and others.You get to transcend old patterns and begin to live more harmoniously with the world around you.

Now let’s put this into action:

I know you’re done with the struggle, so start putting this new info to work now. You’ll notice a difference so quickly – your soul will be uplifted, and you’ll have more energy for pretty much anything.

1. Leave a comment below to tell me you are committed to shifting your mind from pushing to pacing. (Or just tell me what this brings up for you – whatever you feel like sharing is fine by me.) By commenting, you are opening up to being seen + heard.

2. Say this release/permission statement out loud every day. Infuse it with passion and enthusiasm to get the best results.

“I am willing to release my old ways of fear, anxiety and pushing to motivate myself. I give myself permission to accept, forgive and transcend any beliefs that I must be a certain way to achieve my goals. And so it is.”

It’s a muscle, and you must do it consistently to raise your vibration. Let go of the PUSHING from FEAR and go into PACING with ACCEPTANCE.

Pretty cool stuff right? This is the work I do with my clients, and we have tons of fun shifting old paradigms so they can design a life they know they are ready for. A life that’s filled with adventure, abundance and purpose.

3. Now that you’re on board the pacing train please, help me get this work out there. Share this post with 3+ of your friends just use the handy share buttons below.

And now, here’s how to access your Forgiveness Meditation.

Get more in-depth steps around goal setting (and the meditation mentioned above) click here to get full access to the replay of my YSU Master Class: The Soulful Truth About Goal Setting, Focus + Motivation (it’s free).

Thank you sooo much for commenting, sharing and being you.

Your angel of fire,



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