Why Someday is NEVER Coming & How to Make This Year the Best One Yet

somedayThere’s a Dog Bakery I go to almost every day with my sweet Boston Terrier, Mala, for obvious reasons – she loves treats.

I know you may think I spoil my dog, and I do.

I love this place because of two things mainly…

First is, the people who work there take great care of my girl. Second, I love talking with them and learning about their dreams and goals in life.

See, the Dog Bakery gig is their I-have-to-pay-the-bills job while they take steps towards what they’re truly passionate about.

Sound familiar? I’ve been there many times myself and found why some people make their dreams happen and why others don’t.

There are 3 things that differ from those who make it happen and those who don’t…

  1. They don’t live in someday it will happen land – they pick a date and make it happen.
  1. They believe in themselves and surround themselves with those who support them.
  1. They are hungry and do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Which camp are you in?

The someday it will happen camp? Or this will happen by this date camp?

Note sometime good stuff takes time to happen so give yourself a timeline, a date and know you may need to learn and grow to have this.

How will you make this your best year yet?

Together, let’s go from Someday to it will happen by this date camp.

Tell me right now in the comments below the date you want to make your goal, dream or outcome happen. This will help you to tell the Universe you are ready to have this.

If you’re in the someday camp then tell us a date (even if it’s made up, trust your gut here) you will put down in the calendar so you can own your worth and make it happen.

If you feel you are not able to do one of the steps tell us why and I will personally comment with what you can do to shift that.

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