Why The Law of Attraction is the New Neurosis


Then read this post now + stop the madness…

I remember when the movie The Secret hit the masses, it was amazing. I actually held a private screening in a theater for about 90 people. We were told how powerful we were, how we can make life work for us and even get a parking spot if we focus hard enough on it. Hmmm.

Basically, this is a law of the universe called the Law of Attraction.

If you are like me and you just love to learn, grow, get healthy and want to be better as a human being then you probably doing your best to use this law.

But there’s one issue — we’re all human and will get in the way of the law or not.

I was talking with a client who really believed she was doing it wrong and making herself sick over it. She blamed herself, put herself down and made herself pay for doing it “wrong”. Do you feel this way when your life is not working? When you health seems to fail? When you are not getting what you want?


Just a few months ago I watched a trailer for a movie where Bob Proctor the grandfather of this work shared how he just had heart surgery? OMG! Is Bob Proctor doing the law of attraction wrong? Nope! Not one bit.

I got the chance to thank him and meet him at Cynthia Kersey’s Fundraiser B-day bash for the Unstoppable Foundation this past weekend. I shared with him how I felt it was amazing that he shared this openly.

He shared how he was criticized by many for sharing this information.  “I did not do it wrong, I had the best care in the best hospital in the world and learned so much from this happening — I did not do anything to deserve this it was part of my journey”  Ok, he did not say journey but I am paraphrasing a bit  here.

If you can’t do it wrong then what do you do?

If you feel like you’re doing it wrong or want to get more clear then follow these steps to change course:

1. Watch your thoughts + feelings but don’t become neurotic. If you feel you don’t want something or resisting it will come back so much harder. Release the need to get it right or beat yourself up for doing it “wrong’.

2. Notice what you ask for or say, like — I need a break. I’m a mess. I wish he was gone. I want to be alone. I hate this job. I think you got it by now… And when you do, just say CANCEL out loud. It is like the button on the ATM when you hit the wrong amount to withdraw and say it again the way you want to.

3. Take 10 steps back when you’re in an icky situation and see how it is actually giving you exactly what you want. And say out loud, “This is exactly what I wanted.” It may be hard to take this much responsibility but it shifts everything from it being done to you to your being part of this co-creation and then can enjoy the play of the universe.

4. To stop the neurosis, you must stop seeing yourself totally in control and let life flow. It is a co-participation. If every thought, feeling created every outcome then you would want to stop thinking, feeling and even going out of your house.

Becoming more aware and taking some time every day to put some good ju ju in your life will have a lasting affect on your well-being.

All you can do is become more aware and know you are doing the best you can. What really rocks is when something does not happen and then you are happy it didn’t.

Leave a comment below, share how you feel about the law of attraction that’s the best way to attract loving support in your life – at least it works for me. 😉

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