Sweet soul, do you want to create lasting change in your life & coaching business, but you’re not sure where to start or how to do it?

The first step is connecting with someone who’s been there, moved through the challenges, and knows the way to creating a truly fulfilling life.

Apply for a Complimentary Clarity Session and find out what it’s like to have a powerful, loving bad-ass (as my clients call me) on your side to give you no-nonsense insight so you can make some serious changes.

And get ready for big shifts to happen.

With one question, Hillary changed my life.

I was struggling with money, my career trajectory, and my comfort level with success. One phone call with Hillary shifted all that, when she asked me “What if it was easy? What would happen then?”

The question was so provocative that I began playing with it in every area of my life, and within days, my inspiration lit up, my practice exploded and my game plan for the future was suddenly brighter than the sun. I can’t say enough about how good Hillary is at what she does – and I know whereof I speak.

The results of my work with her have been profound. – Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin

My style of coaching is for smart women who want to get real about life and start having a coaching business that works for them
instead of stressing them out.

Who are willing to work on a much deeper and more personal level to find the real answers that open everything up. Who are seeking to have a better understanding of their truest and highest potential. Who have a deep yearning to be able to express what it is that they love to do, but don’t know how.

Current Coaching Offerings + What You Get:


Paradigm Shift Coaching Program

The Paradigm-Shift Program will help you dismantle old stories and beliefs and discover a new value structure that supports your soul’s desires, your boldest goals, and your deepest joy.

The Art of Becoming YOU Program

This is an intimate overhaul of your inner and outer worlds. If you’re ready to make a real commitment to your own growth in all areas of your life, this is how you wake up from your old, painful existence into a new dream life that truly feeds your soul.

Business Brilliance Deep Dive

This will help you to get out of your head and discover a new business model that supports your true soul desires, your boldest goals, and identify what you are uniquely designed to do as a coach.

Your journey is unique to you. If you want personalized, ‘out-of-the-box’ support that drills down to the core of what is stuck in your business and life, let’s talk.

This is where you and I connect, go deep, and get clear on your next step that will move you towards your desired (and deserved) goals. It’s a safe place to talk about the hard things going on in your life and business that you won’t talk with anyone else about.

No masks, no filters (no B.S.), just you and me.

Hillary was able to provide such a safe space for me to be open and imperfect.

Stacy Spensley I’ve worked with coaches before (hell, I AM a coach), and I made more progress in our free 45-minute consultation than I did in 4 months with my last coach. Hillary was able to zero in on what was actually keeping me stuck, not what I thought was keeping me stuck. Just by pointing out those few things, I was able to take steps on my own to make some major shifts before we even had our first “real” session.” – Stacy Spensly

The Clarity Session is an amazing opportunity for a breakthrough
and it’s also a prerequisite to work with me.

I’m all about having an experience first so we both feel it’s a fit. Once you know you dig my style and we both get a whole body YES, then I will suggest and/or design the best program for you because you deserve to have someone meet you exactly where you’re at.

Hillary knows her shit, she is passionate and she will work hard with and for you.

Alyssa Summers With one question, my soul was exposed and I knew I needed to work with her. She took me to a depth I had yet to work.

She does not mind going the extra mile every time…and the best part is she connects with you on a personal level — not just as a coach-client. She is WITH you, she gets it on your level, and gives all she has.” – Alyssa Summers